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Night stands & Bedside tables

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Night stands & Bedside tables

Night stands & Bedside tables

Since the bedroom is the symbol of comfort and rest, you should be very careful in choosing every detail and pay attention to everything that could make your nights and days better. So, after choosing the perfect bed - which is of course, as a centrepiece, the most important thing - you shouldn't neglect all the other incredible accessories that can make your life cosier and easier.

One of these things is, of course, the bedside table, which seems to be unessential but actually plays a big role in making your bedroom comfortable. How so? Well, despite the fact that it may support one of the devil tools, that is, the alarm-clock, you can put a lot of other stuff there. For example, if you wear glasses and you need to have them close as soon as you wake up, because without them you may hit any other piece of furniture in the room on your way to the bathroom, the night table is the perfect place where to put them. Also, we suppose you read a bit before falling asleep - who wants to get up and switch off the lights? Isn't it better to have a lamp right beside your bed? Small lamps that provide a warm light are the best for reading and give to your room a sense of cosiness. The best place where putting a small lamp is, of course, the beside table.

But lamps and glasses are just some among the useful things that you can keep right beside you on the night table. What about your books, or just the one that you are reading in this period? What about some scented candles. the fire to light them up and so on? Of course, if you also have a baby, you can put the device to listen if they are okay while sleeping in their room.

If you need the telephone very close, the night table is perfect. Therefore, there are many ways in which you can use it and we are sure you'll find some great ones in our catalogue. One of them is Tetris by our manufacturer Mobilstella, which is very modern and elegant in its simple shape and design. It is fully assembled, available in a matt or glossy lacquered finish and it provides a slow-closing mechanism. Its design creates a very sophisticated atmosphere in every bedroom. You only have to choose your favourite colour. If you don't like the traditional bedside tables or cabinets, one of the ideas that we have for you is the interesting Rosella by La Primavera, which looks almost like a stool and is a very original piece of furniture. In fact, its design is modern and minimalist and you can find it in many very bright colours that we recommend you to have a look at - they seem pretty impressive and perfect if you need to give an explosion of colour in your bedroom!

If you have any question about how to choose or install your night stand or bedside table, we'll do the best to help you.