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Baby & Kid
Happy childhood with My Italian Living! It's very important to have a functional and cosy room for kids, as the atmosphere where they grow up affects their development. Designing kids rooms could be complicated and requires a certain knowledge of modern and contemporary styles. In this case, we are here to help you. Firstly, when you are choosing a room for a baby, always pay attention to how sunny it is. The size of the room is not as essential as that, though it plays an important role too. However, if it's not sunny enough, you can have bright and warm colours in the design, as it compensates the lack of light and sun. Kids room design allows to play with colour combinations, but you should be careful that they do not irritate the psyche and match the taste of your child. You can use the basis of natural wood colour as bleached oak or just a white colour. Then you may want to add some few bright parts, e.g. in wardrobe or chest of drawers fronts. For this, it's ideal to use furniture with painted cartoon characters.

Secondly, when you are deciding the kind of nursery furniture to buy, always take into account the size of the room. If you have a small room, then it's better to get transformable baby furniture. For example, it would be very useful to have a baby cradle that turns into a baby crib, or a multinational baby cot by Pali IT (one of our most popular brands) that has storing compartments. When you are designing a baby room interior, we advise not to overload it with too much furniture. As children grow fast, it will require much more space for games. Therefore, if you have a limited space, you can contact our specialist, which will help you to organise your space in most functional way.

If the room is large, the set of furniture can be completed with accessories such as chest of drawers, changing tables and baby baths, play grounds, or you may want your designer to create a little play house, where your baby can play. Having their own small house gives the child the sense of security, as well as develops its responsibility. Do not forget that kids rooms are called so because there are physiological characteristics that are necessary in the development of the baby involved. For example, the height of the closet in the nursery room should be appropriate to the kid's height too. Kids wardrobes and chest of drawers have to be opened and closed easily, and shelves have to be within the reach of the baby. The use of different mechanisms in the inner side of the wardrobes helps to teach children to keep order. Designing nursery room allows parents to use their imagination, however, when you are carried away with decorating and designing a room, do not forget the most important part - safety. Make sure that material used in baby's furniture is certified and meets all quality standards. And do not forget to avoid sharp corners in the nursery room. Interior design of nursery room influence the formation of child's character. Nursery room, the interior of which is refined, develops the creative abilities of your child. Made to order furniture provides convenience, safety and functionality, and most importantly aesthetics. Therefore, if you are not sure about your artistic abilities, it's always better to turn up to professionals.

Our manufacturer's designers always put forefront the development of the kids personalities. Therefore, they meet the highest requirements and in the rooms furnished by them, the baby will grow and develop a fully fledged personality. We strive to help you to get furniture, which is suitable to your individual needs.

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