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Bedroom The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your house, maybe the most important one. In fact, you spend a lot of time in it, and even if you don't realise it in your every day routine, high-quality mattresses and beds could be essential for your health and energy. Besides, a good atmosphere in your bedroom is extremely important to make you feel at home and at ease in the place where you spend so much time. A warm atmosphere is also made by details. This is why we pay particular care to the furniture and decor of this room, and are very proud of all the products we sell.

When it comes to beds, Cosatto is one of the most famous companies that produce made in Italy wrought iron beds. The quality of its products goes together with the originality of its design, which fascinates many people from all over the world. Often inspired to classics and to nature, the amazing design of the beds can really give a great touch and add a dreamy atmosphere to your room.

Anyway, if you feel as if these designs are a bit too much or don't go well with the rest of your bedroom, it's fine. We have many other kinds of modern beds, which are different not only in dimensions (we do sell single, double, king size beds) but also in their usage: one of the most popular kind of beds is the storage one, which is very helpful if you need to save some space and store stuff under it. We have many prestigious suppliers specialized in modern and contemporary bedroom furniture such as Veneran and Confort Line.

A great bed must be associated to an equally great night table. It may seem that a night table is not such an essential piece of furniture - this is not true. You can keep your table lamp there, your alarm clock, your glasses, candles, the book you're reading. Therefore, it is important to have one which goes perfectly with your bed and live up to your expectations. We have many kind of contemporary bedside tables and cabinets that we hope you may want to have a look on our catalogue - there are many and we don't feel like presenting you only one or two here, since only you knows exactly which is the one that is perfectly in style with your bed!

Bedrooms are also made of other items that are basically helpful to the storage of your clothes or anything you may find useful to keep in there, whether that might be sheets, blankets and so on. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to have a look at our amazing catalogue including wardrobes, tallboys and chests of drawers. There are many kinds that can make you feel like Carrie from Sex and The City opening her walk-in closet: surrounded by a world of magic!

If you have any issue and need us to help you please let us know and we'll do as much as we can.