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The hallway is like the appetiser of a good meal: it needs to be perfect to make the customer want for more. So, when you go into your house after a long, rainy day, of course you want to be welcomed in a nice-looking, warm environment. You want all your comforts to be there, a place where putting your muddy shoes, one where storing your wet umbrella, a board where you can keep your keys and possibly a rack where you may hang your coat and hat. This is a lot to have in a small hallway. Even if it's a big hallway, though, they are often quite narrow and putting so much furniture in such a space can be quite tricky.

Don't worry, though: we are here to help you. The hallway products that we sell are all stylish and high-quality, and we are sure that this helps a lot in your decisions and choices about the hallway. Our range of umbrella stands includes products by Cosatto, along with Target Point who are also famous for their amazing coat stands, hooks and racks. Many of them are inspired by nature and have flowery shapes, but there are some, all in laser-cut metal, which depict hands or other more "human" shapes.

We also really like brands that offer more contemporary designs, such as Birex, which is very original and elegant. Its hallway units are amazing and we strongly recommend them - just check them out in our catalogue! Another very important piece that you may want to have a look at among our hallway products is the shoe cabinet. Of course we have several kinds of shoe cabinets and you need to look at the one that seems to be more appealing to you. Therefore, you may want to have a glance at the amazing XL by Birex, which is available in different dimensions and has a slight Northern design touch. But there are many other shoe cabinets, all by Birex, that may apply to your needs: some of them are huge, they look like wardrobes more than shoe cabinets - so if you are a shoe-lover, you may want to check them out!

We offer furniture for spacious and small interiors. Our entryway furniture is manufactured from high quality materials such as MDF board (which contains non allergenic materials), non toxic aluminium, metal, and natural wood, etc. Our range of umbrella stands, coat stands, hallway units, shoe cupboards, racks and hooks offer the very best in quality and design.

All of our products are ecologically friendly, non toxic, and non allergenic and are made to meet the quality of health and safety standards. Choice of modern hallway furniture should be based on the overall design of the house and functionality. With a huge choice of designs available and finishes there is something to accommodate all design tastes.

Often hallway designs are complimented by bookcasessideboards and other accessories.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please e-mail us at info@myitalianliving.com or phone us at 02078395456.