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Chest of Drawers

Modern Chest of Drawers | Contemporary Dressers | Italian Furniture
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Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

The main quality that a chest of drawers should have is the functionality. Drawers must be easy to open, accessible, resistant and reliable. Chests of drawers are in fact convenient pieces of furniture that allow to arrange things in a neat structure.

You can use them to store clothes, accessories, shoes, make up, toys, magazines, plates, cutlery and so on. They need to be roomy and made of high-quality materials. All these features are provided by leading Italian designers such as Siluetto, Morassutti, Santarossa, Orme, Dall'Agnese. Their products are reliable, functional and durable - they will of course also last for a long time, thanks to their finish in either a glossy of matt lacquer. The basic material of which these chests of drawers are made is a high quality, natural and luxury wood. Wood is a symbol of respect and wealth, because of its durability, attractive aspect and sustainability. However, we do sell some chests or drawers that are made of metal, plastic, glass and other materials. Whatever that might be, they all share the high quality of the materials and the interesting, beautiful designs. Of course, we do have different kinds and we do want you to choose the best one between arty, classy modern, minimalist and contemporary styles. Chests of drawer units can be placed everywhere around your house. They are great for the kids' room, your own bedroom, the living or dining room, the bathroom, the kitchen or any other place where you need to store handy things.

In our catalogue, you may find different configurations, shapes, colours, materials, finishes. Our help, of course, will be provided in case you need to work out what is the best solution for your house.

In Italy, we say that if you really want something but you don't know how to make it come out, it's our "dream in the drawer". This is exactly the approach we have towards the choice of your perfect chest of drawers: you must be completely happy with your final choice, because drawers contain all of our favourite possessions. They can contain our shoes and socks, of course, but also that unpublished novel that you want to show someone (sooner or later), the love letters you have received since you were a kid, your collection of stamps or whatever you consider valuable and you want to give the right, cozy home to.

This is how we think in terms of furniture: everyone has their own needs and expectations, we take every case as unique and wonderful and we want you to have your best experience with our products. So, if you think the perfect place where putting your writing or whatever that might be would be a minimalist chest of drawers, then we suggest you to have a look at products like System by Santa Lucia, which, with is wooden structure mixed with metal, gives a sense of warmth and elegance at the same time. It's a beautiful piece that would surely give a touch of uniqueness to your room.

We of course have many other pieces that we show and sell with proud: take a look at the fine detail of every product and contact us if you need any piece of advice.