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Stones IT

Stones IT | Contemporary Stone Dining Tables | Stone Coffee Tables ( For inquiries on the items shown below, please contact us, providing your address and contact details for an individual quotation. )
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Stones IT

Stones IT
Today, with over 40 years experience Stones is a solid foundation of knowledge, passion and craftsmanship. During this time, the brand has become the association with contemporary design and excellent quality that distinguishes the products by Stones. This relatively young company is unique in its sense, it connects various styles, mixes the forms in manufacturing of chairs, tables, coffee tables and fireplaces with clean and straight lines, like the soft and smooth outlines of an artist.

Flexibility of the present and activity of everyday life influenced design decisions of Stones. And this attracts the most attention of the consumers.

Stones was founded in the period when glass and steel has become a very important element in production of furniture in Italy and worldwide. Modern glass processing method now allows to implement almost any complicated design. The attention to the forms of design, careful choice of materials and finishes, makes Stones to stand out from its competitors. It proposes quality products in line with worldwide trends, and at the same time with unique style and elegance. The main idea is to maintain the inherited Italian style infused with contemporary design.

The goal is to stay sophisticated and stylish yet practical and functional. Always listening to the needs of customers and creating solution that furnish spaces with refined elegance.

For each product Stones dedicate expertise, enthusiasm and creativity. The company is a leader in its sector, due to the large and diverse range of products, original shapes, colours and finishes. A place, which is furnished with Stones products has individuality, unique style and elegance. The basic concept is to provide refinement, laconic shapes and exclusive atmosphere.  

Stones has become one of the first leading furniture manufacturers in Italy. The main aim is to keep the tradition of Italian artisans to maintaining the high quality and affordable pricing policy.

Simplicity and functionality of dinning and living room's furniture predispose its buyers. During the existence of the company, the selected style didn't change and still it's not just manufacturing, but it brings new ideas to life. Talented designers of Stones are constantly in search of new ideas and very well experimenting with technologies, shapes, lines and patterns. The overall goal of the company to get the excellent final product.

Furniture production process takes place under strict control, which brings the excellent quality. Whether it's metal, wood or glass components, they are organic and always in the right place. Particularly the parts of aluminium and stainless steel, they are durable and light weighted, and they can be polished or varnished, and painted into bright and crisp colours.

Practicality, elegance and following the most modern technologies and sense of innate style is felt in every detail. Stones precisely follow the declared standards: minimalism combined with increased functionality and comfort. ~
Pricing policy is loyal enough, most of the models fit mid-price segment, there are also some more expensive collections.