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Abitare Mobilstella

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Abitare Mobilstella

Abitare Mobilstella
Company established in 1978, in Italian province Cison Valmario. It has been founded by Corrazin group, which is one of the leaders of Italian furniture industry. At that time, the technology which has been used by company's masters, was truly innovative and ahead of its time. There have been many changes, like technology changing and approach to process of production. But one part left unchanged, it's superb quality in every detail of Mobilstella's products - bedside tables, chest of drawers, TV units, bookcases and beds.

The factory with equipment occupies fourteen thousands square metres of land. It produces wide range of design opportunities which can satisfy any taste. Factory use innovative technologies and machinery, which process the best quality wood species. It produces vast range of various furniture design for kids rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Mobilstella pays a great importance to the design, and therefore it cooperates with the the most talented and creative designers, which have no limit for fantasy and innovative ideas in production of furniture for modern interior. Therefore the company can claim to be one of the most stylish and comfortable among its competitors.

The philosophy of the company is to create the most reliable, to the smallest detail, furniture. The furniture created by skilful hands of adept craftsmen, with the applications of advanced technology, is always the best, regardless of the time. Each product is a piece of art, created with care and diligence by professional team, from designers to the assemblers, which are doing everything to make a final product pleasing its consumers.

The quality of products is due, primarily, to the high quality materials of Italian production. Leather or textile is checked, tested and treated for resistance to mechanical damage (scratches, water, fading under sun, etc.), the seams inspected and checked for endurance. Metal, wood, plastic undergo the procedure which checks the durability and reliability. The result of these procedures is the final product of highest quality. At the same time a close attention is paid to the environment. First of all, there is no use of potentially harmful chemicals. And the waste is produced with the most advanced and safe methods.

In user manuals, explained in details the product structure - frame, upholstery, decoration and recommended methods of product care.