Infiniti Design

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Infiniti Design

Infiniti Design

Ingenuity, modernism, creativity are the words to comprehend the conception of Infiniti, the recent brand which launched in 2008.

Infiniti provides home furniture designed for maximum comfort and modern look. Infiniti maintains the meaning of its name, by not limiting the imagination for styles, designs and perspectives. The urban character of this brand outlines the mission to improve the everyday routine for people with different lifestyles. Infiniti is authentic Italian company, which concentrates on high quality and contemporary design. And its products respond to nowadays demands and accomplish the canons of ergonomic trend. Infinity ensures the recycling and provides smart solutions.

Infiniti is manufacturing stylish and modern furniture for dining and living rooms. All products by Infiniti are in demand and extremely popular. Also the style, over which talented designers worked on, is truly original, interesting and unique.

Before the chair or table get right into the hands of the buyer, it held a number of important steps: design, evaluating not only aesthetic features of the final product, but also its user-friendliness, ergonomics, reliability, assembling, which is entrusted exclusively to professional craftsmen, who know perfectly their job.

The production process meets the highest quality standards by using technologically advanced systems. Like laser metal cutting technology, which satisfies ''made to measure'' demand; or plastic elements - polypropylene and nylon, polycarbonate etc, which use gas-assisted co-injection moulding system. That's why Infiniti's products attract medium, high class market consumers, by giving advanced quality and retaining competitive prices.

In conclusion, perhaps Infiniti's chairs and dining tables are the best, what can European manufacturers offer to its demanding consumers.