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Domingo Salotti

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Domingo Salotti

Domingo Salotti Imagine a young Italian designer, striving to the rebellious, fresh ideas in fashion and endeavors to deliver them to  the world. Then  accompany it to  that the cultural revolution of 1970s - and you will understand the gist of  Domingo Salotti.

Brand Domingo Salotti was established over forty five years ago in Italy by artisans - carpenters and upholsterers.
The factory is located in the town of Pesaro, produces upholstered furniture for private interiors and for public spaces. In Europe, the company's products Domingo Salotti evaluated at the beginning of the 80s, when Domingo Salotti collection were exhibited in France, Germany, England and Holland. And 25 years ago factory conquered the Asian and American market places. The secret of this prompt fame is clear - the passion for novelty and desire to experiment. Domingo Salotti can embody any, even the most fantastic, the idea of the designer. 

Domingo Salotti struck its imagination, the original mix of styles. Here you can find classic, modern, pop art, minimalism, constructivism, futuristic design. Company Domingo Salotti - a laboratory design, so it attracts the young and adept designers around the world. The model range Domingo Salotti six collections. Classico - sofas and chairs and armchairs, coffee and side tables for private interiors, executed in luxurious classical style: fabric upholstery, carved wooden items, decoration in the form of fringe and brushes. Lab Collection - standard minimalist Italian design and functionalism. Dolce Dormire and Dreaming - furniture for home in a contemporary style.

These collections have a variety of modules which can make the design of any size and shape. Title Club Sofa collection speaks for itself. It seats (sofas, benches, sofas), designed for public places: cafes, clubs and restaurants. Home & Contract - aesthetic and durable furniture for waiting areas and meeting rooms in offices. Domingo Salotti company listens to its customers and is always ready to manufacture any custom furniture design of the customer. The factory uses in the production of the latest technology and materials.

Laboratory Domingo Salotti is not afraid of daring decisions: use of new materials that give the chairs and sofas unforgettable original form. One such chair can change the interior of the entire premises beyond recognition. It is for this creative effect Domingo Salotti so fond of trendy restaurants and clubs throughout Europe. Its factory annually produces new and interesting models. Professional artists and designers is growing every day, collections are diverse. Domingo Salotti is a company that looks forward to the future and fashion challenges.