Cosatto Letti

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Cosatto Letti

Cosatto Letti Italian furniture brand, which has a main priority to provide an excellent quality products. It's perfectly combines artisan-ship and progressive production technology, creating items that keep character of the past yet establishing the modern designs and cosmopolitan styles. In Cosatto production, materials used from carefully selected resources. It has a wide selection of handmade wrought iron furniture, such as modern contemporary and classic design wrought beds, coat hangers and mirror frames. All products are 100% Made in Italy.

Company founder began to apply traditional artizanship of local masters for the production of furniture, which is now called the standard Italian style.
Main features are: the use of artistic forging, "harping" classic and contemporary styles, the use of certain colours (warm - mostly cream, beige and olive), the widespread introduction of exclusive and innovative techniques. For example, wax and gold coating are applied by recipe of ancient artisans, and metal furniture is protected by unique coating created by specialists.

First of all, Cosatto is a world leader in the author's wrought iron furniture. Sophisticated and unique style beds, sofas, chairs, tables and accessories - result of the company's designers and a use of innovative technologies. Products are made of monolithic structure of refined metal. The technology of processing metal, which is used in manufacturing, use special paints, varnishes, polishing and metal foil, which are excluding formation of magnetic field, which is commonly well-known shortage of wrought iron furniture and allows you to play with colours of forged and cast products (15 shades).

Modern furniture by Cosatto which certified with European quality certificate is made of natural materials which creates versatile elegant style. Individual products by Cosatto perfectly combines with other well-known manufacturer's furniture and it gives a special charm to the interior. For many years the company strictly adheres to the rules used in furniture manufacturing, like using only natural materials: metal (iron, brass), wood, leather, glass and textiles.