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Adrenalina Furniture Company was created from the idea of the owners of the parent company Domingo Salotti SRL which presents on the market of upholstered furniture for more then 45 years. Adrenalina project came to life after joining Florentine architect and designer Simone Micheli.

The goal of Adrenalina to take a unique course in the furniture industry. Conservatism in furniture manufacturing blended with innovative ideas. Project managers were sizing to the new requirements of the market, trying to catch the minor change in preferences. So there was a real adrenaline gold rush in the world of furniture trend.

The prime production of new furniture came fifteen years ago with the cooperation of Abitare Il Tempo. Flamboyant rich colours and clear shapes made a stunning impact. Shortly after that, the company took part in plentiful exhibitions in Italy and overseas.

Adrenalina burst into the world of furniture with unique, daring ideas. Grasped by new adverse colours, forms - sometimes asymmetrical, new materials in the décor, attuned to the latest standards. The company is able to adjust to any change in the preferences of clients.

In several years, it has appeared in a number of the leading furniture manufacturers in Italy. Furniture Adrenalina presented in the best places throughout the Europe. Meanwhile, furniture Adrenalina presented not only in public places, it also creates a creative atmosphere in the house. 12 years ago, the first collection was created for lounge area in the house. Besides, today Adrenalina has colossal kids collection, which is popular throughout the world.

Following a the principle "we are different", Adrenalina delivers liberty in number of ways to express itself. Your unlimited imagination, dreams aloud and desire for innovation will find interpretation in furniture products by Adrenalina.

The company flourishes new design, unique shapes with an impeccable sense of style and slight humour. These are vivid colours and playful shapes - but always devoted to the idea of comfort and functionality, which must precede the creation of chairs and sofas. Furniture by Adrenalina filled with incredible energy: it apprehends the wish of those who likes to surround themselves with positivity, opportunity of creating special, personal space. Empirical forms, ardent pallet, the stream of ingenious move - these things which makes powerful. Furniture Adrenalina is a fortress of ingenuity in the furniture space. A corner where divergence values.