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Fireplaces Italy is not well-known for its low temperatures - but of course, Italian design is flawless even when dealing with the cold! Summer seems long gone and we have already started to think about the best products to make your winter time cosy and warm.

When coming home from a rainy, windy and freezing day, everyone likes to have a quiet space where enjoying a cup of tea while watching a good movie or reading a book, maybe sitting on an armchair or a sofa in front of a nice fireplace, resting your feet on a soft rug. But which is the symbol of winter? The fireplace, of course! It may seem quite a traditional item to have in your house - but it's always classy, especially if it is perfectly in style with the rest of the furniture. If you feel like the style of your house is too modern or contemporary to include a fireplace, then don't worry, we have many solutions for you.

In the past, fireplaces were used for cooking, heating houses and rooms or water for laundry. They are usually made of brick, stone or metal, and modern ones have variable heat efficiency. We only offer high-quality fireplaces, whether your style may be modern or classic. The common characteristic of the fireplaces is that they do not only heat rooms, they also create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. If you are considering buying a fireplace or not, you may have several questions to ask about its usage and so on. We are of course always available to any request.

We do sell bio ethanol fireplaces from our main supplier Stones. This means that our fireplaces have real fire but there's no smoke - which is the best thing since the smoke coming from the fire is considered very dangerous, and that's the reason why in the last few years there was an increase in bio fireplaces' popularity. In fact, bio ethanol fireplaces are fuelled by a unique organic fuel., and the source of the combustion is not the traditional firewood or charcoal, but an environment-friendly liquid fuel known as ethanol. It gives of a bio flame which doesn't generate smoke, soot or any other odour. Ethanol is pure alcohol and it's obtained from fermentation of sugars contained in plant crops such as sugar cane, potatoes, bananas, beetroots and wheat. Bio ethanol fireplaces are particularly popular in places where it would be impossible to install a real, traditional fireplace, such as apartments, offices, restaurants and clubs. since soot and smoke are not produced, chimneys are not required.

There are many advantages of using ethanol, such as the fact that it is safe to breathe burning ethanol, since it's not toxic. Then, it does not cause any allergic reaction. These fireplaces are not really big, so they can be moved quite easily, you could easily put them just under a shelf or a painting, on a table or wherever you want. The colours and materials vary, of course, so just have a look at our fireplaces page to get an idea of what we can offer you.