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Stools Stools seem to be the new asset to every stylish, contemporary kitchen. The trend of making your own kitchen or dining room more and more similar to bar and coffee shops spaces is very popular nowadays - and it can be often seen in American movies. Of course, we find this trend fantastic, and we offer some beautiful tall tables together with a huge range of very different, crazy stools that you can fill your dining room with. Who doesn't love the feeling of making their own feet dangling from a small bridge on a lake or from a swing? A stool can give you the same feeling - only, you're comfortably sitting at your own table, in your own dining room.

Stools have an interesting history - During the Italian Renaissance, they were known as sgabelli, a specific type of back stools, a movable seat furniture in contrast with the chair, that had armrest and nowadays would be considered an armchair. Stools were made out of walnut and had a back.Today, stools may be of different shapes and dimensions. They are very much used in pubs. Customers sit at the counter and call for beers, but they are used a lot also in fashionable coffee shops and ordinary dining rooms. We do offer a lot of different kinds of stools.

We have the more traditional ones, which remind of classical times and places - such as the Queen by Imperial Line, made out of solid wood but whose colour may be changed according to your own tastes, or such as Emma by Infiniti, which reminds a bit of the Northern design and can be ordered in different colours. This is made out of wood as well. We also have very modern and contemporary stools, sometimes quite weird and crazy - but undoubtedly stylish and interesting. If your purpose is not only to sit on a comfortable stool but also catch your guests' attention, we do suggest you to have a look at Form by Compar, which you can find in red, ash grey, black, orange and white and seems like it has just come out of a science fiction movie. It's made of polyurethane and the base is made out of metal.

Depending on what comfort means to you, you can choose the option of a stool with a high back or a stool with a low back. If, instead, you prefer stools with no back at all, we have a wide range of products such as Picapau by Infiniti. Of course, the stools may differ also according to the colour (we have many translucent ones that are particularly on trend), and to the support of the seat - some of them are four-legged and some other have just a single, aluminium support.