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Sideboards Every room, whether a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or a kitchen, needs some storage space. Sideboards are of course very used in dining and living room and may contain what you want really. Our range of sideboards is incredibly wide and we are sure we can make you happy whatever your tastes and style require. Choosing a sideboard can be very difficult because they are essential pieces of furniture and may serve you for many years. It is very unlikely that you'll going to replace your sideboard soon - their functionality and purpose make them pieces of furniture that won't ever go out of fashion.

The first thing that you could need to consider when choosing a sideboard is what you are going to use it for and where you are going to put it. In fact, all sideboards can be made as bespoke furniture, that may be suitable for your requirements, including sizes and finishes. If you want to give us the details about the sideboard you'd like to have, you may call us or email us at info@myitalianliving.com. We also do have modular designs which can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, and come in different shapes , sizes and versions. We do various combinations of modular furniture.

Our page dedicated to sideboards offers you the single, detailed description of every piece, but you may also see them into some beautiful pictures of furnished rooms, in order to inspire you and tell you a bit more about the use of this evergreen piece of furniture. Sideboard units were extremely popular during the Middle Age, when they started as rough tables with cloths draped over them. In the 14th century, in Italy, they took a more specific and defined. architectural form. In time, it has been traditionally used for serving food, displaying serving dishes and for storage. Nowadays it includes sets of cupboards and drawers, topped by a flat surface where you can put whatever you want - it may be food, lamps, books, ornaments, a television and many more. The sideboards we are offering can be very different in shapes, materials and colours. What they all have in common is, instead, their high quality and the 100% Italian design. Some of the sideboards are more traditional, while some other have more contemporary and original design, such as Smart by Compar, a very modern, smart and elegant piece of furniture that will give a great deal of style and is perfect for your dining or living room.

What you may be concerned about is of course what you do with your sideboard. If you are going to store food or drinks there, make sure you choose a sideboard that is not affected by the contact with liquids or foods. Our sideboards are all made of high-quality materials, but sometimes coffee or other drinks can damage products, and you don't want it to happen to products that you have chosen so carefully.