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Garden Tables

Garden Tables There are many pieces of furniture that can be related to a garden, whether they might be chairs, sofas, boxes or any other. But the true protagonist of the living space of a garden is of course the table, where you can keep different things and decorations or where you can put everything you need during your perfect garden parties. We know that garden parties are very popular in the States, but in Italy they are popular just as much. In fact, whether they might be with colleagues, friends, family or neighbours, it doesn't matter: we know that you want to make it big, or at least, make it special.

We are proud of the tables we sell because they are very different one from the other and therefore we are positive that everyone may find the one they want. The styles, materials and shapes are so different that either this choice may be very hard or you may spot the exact kind you want at once. Anyway, there are several features that a garden table should have. If choosing the bed and the dining room table is the hardest and most exciting part of furnishing your own house, the same goes for the table when it comes to decorate your garden. It is the protagonist, the centrepiece of the space - therefore, it must follow certain "guidelines" and basic requirements that only you can state.

We think that durability, resistance and reliability are the most important qualities of a good garden table. It must be waterproof, easy to clean, and of course it must have a great design. These characteristics apply to all the tables we sell, even if they are made of very different materials. Among our favourites there is the amazing rectangular table Alto by Scab Design, which can be folded and also can be easily cleaned. We like it a lot also because it has a very elegantly-decorated top made out of polypropylene. This table is available in different colours, such as lino, orange, anthracite grey. You can find it also in the square and round shape.

If you think your garden needs something a little less smart and more resistant to the bad weather, then we suggest you to have a look at Tip, still by Scab: it is made out of resin plastic and it is available in three colours, white, forest green and dove grey. It is 100% waterproof. The strength of this table is that it may also be used for other purposes apart from putting it in the garden: camping, concerts, beach lunches and so on. The last table we want to present is the elegant, sophisticated Milano, always by Scab, which can be used both indoor and outdoor and it is perfect if you are having a special occasion. We do recommend a visit to its page, where you'll find all the necessary information to keep it indoor or outdoor according to your needs.

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