Veneran Mobili

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Veneran Mobili

Veneran Mobili
Boccioni's idea of ''unique forms of continuity in space'' perfectly fitted and brought through to life by talented designers of Veneran brand. Veneran's furniture liberates a space and clarifies forms

Italian factory Veneran was founded in the first half of the 60s. Since its inception to the present day, Veneran is a family-run company. After a series of successful achievements of the company, Veneran has grown and captured a large segment of the furniture market in Italy and around the world. The range of the factory includes bedroom and living room furniture, such as wardrobe systems, cabinets, shelving system, tables, chairs.

Veneran is ambitious company. Factory's vision encompasses an uncompromising focus on continuous growth, technological improvement of designs and unparalleled craftsmen. 
In the age of global market, dynamics and tough competition, Veneran is doing everything possible to remain the undisputed leader in the world of high-end furniture.

Furniture by Veneran is modern, light, fashionable, innovative. Interiors are simple, clean and positive. In order to find new design solutions, the company Veneran pays close attention to the study of new materials and advanced technologies. In addition to the constant innovation, the company has a stable well-regulated production, the highest standards of product quality, professional management staff and focus on environmental protection. 

In the manufacturing, Manufacturer uses exclusively high-quality materials: oak, hazel, teak, glass, leather, fabrics. 
Modern and functional home, according to the company's designers Veneran, - a blend of minimalism and refined taste. Factory Veneran boycotts any kind of decoration, the main character is a light and space.