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Contemporary design storage unit 'Line' by Dall'Agnese

Contemporary design storage unit 'Line' by Dall'Agnese

Contemporary design
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Contemporary design storage unit 'Line' by Dall'Agnese by Dall'Agnese
  • Top quality item
  • Unique design
  • Dampened opening-closing mechanism
  • 100% Made in Italy
Dall'Agnese modern design "Line" cupboard has different sized boards which are the main feature of this delightful modern range. They are the distinguishing feature of the Stripe collection.

The cupboard's size enables maximum storage. The 6 glass shelves hidden behind the doors offers an ideal storage solution. For those looking for something unique then this is a must have piece that will add warmth and character to any room.

This cupboard is available in a wide range of colours and choice of base, please have a look in the colour list.
Please note: Unit comes with dampened opening-closing system.
In the picture: Matt lacquered Finland Green.

Technical Info
  • Type: Storage unit with 6 glass shelves
  • Dimensions: L 120.4 - D 50.4 - H 145.3 cm, (feet 12 cm) 
  • Structure: Wood particle board in wood essence, matt or gloss lacquer
  • Opening: Dampened opening-closing system by holding the last panel of the door
  • Shelves: 8 mm thick glass
  • External Structure: Th. 20 mm
  • Colour: In colour list (down below)
  • Base: Lama feet in various finishes (examples down below)
  • ''Made to order item''
  • Delivery: 4 weeks for wood or matt finish, 6 - 7 weeks for gloss finish + 1-2 weeks delivery
  • Possibility to manage each of the panels which compose the door with different colours, creating also doors with lacquer and wood mixed finishes, for more info please contact our office
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Well, we know that the more classic sideboards' colours are black, grey, white, beige, brown. These are the basic colours that you may choose if you want to play safe. But with Lina and in general with many products by Dall'Agnese, you can try to dare with more original and interesting colours. In this case, we really love this shade of light blue, which looks good both with a dark background or with white walls. The design and shape of the piece is also very interesting and unique. It does not look like a traditional sideboard at all – instead, its contemporary and very modern style can make a piece that is usually overlooked, the sideboard, stunning and original.

We also want to remind you that you may have this piece in different colours. Dall'Agnese is always on trend in terms of colours and textures, so we really recommend you to consider every shade carefully in order to build up the perfect room. This piece is very interesting not only for the shape, but also because it does not look as a sideboard and may trigger the curiosity of your guests. There are different models with this design, so if you have any question or request, please let us know and we will do our best. 

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  • Contemporary design storage unit 'Line' by Dall'Agnese

  • dallagnese stripe cupboard technical drawing
    THE EXTERNAL STRUCTURE - th. 20 mm. Doors supplied with boards with different dimensions and thicknesses 15-25-30 mm. Dampened opening/closing system by holding the last panel of the door. Possibility to manage each of the panels which compose the door with different colours, creating also doors with lacquer and wood mixed finishes. Glass shelves th. 8 mm are supplied inside of each unit. Available only with Lama base. Fastening the storage unit Stripe to the wall is highly recommended in order to prevent overturning.

    STRUCTURES - The structures are made of E1 wood particleboards with various thickness, wood veneered or lacquered in various matt or gloss colours.The inner finishes of these elements are as follows: melamine with a wood-like effect for veneers; matt lacquer for both matt and glossy lacquers. Possibility to add glass tops th. 8 mm. Inner glass shelves th. 8 mm or wooden shelves th. 20 mm accordingly to the characteristics of the model.

    WOODEN FRONTS - Hinged doors, fl ap-doors, drawer and deep drawer fronts are made of E1 wood particleboards with a thickness of 15 / 20 mm, wood veneered or lacquered in various matt or gloss colours. Wooden fronts are provided with ‘push and pull’ opening, handle or opening by holding the front panel.

    GLASS FRONTS - The sliding doors used for sideboard SLIDE are composed of an aluminium frame and two types of fronts, wood and glass. The frame slides on height-adjustable sliding blocks. The glass fronts made of coloured glasses, with a thickness of 4 mm, are painted on the internal surface or provided with a mirror / bronze mirror.

    THE TRACKS - on which the doors slide are in aluminium. They have a cover (front closure) H.15 in matt lacquered finish according to the colour range. The Slim frame doors are composed of aluminium or burnished aluminium frames and 4 mm thick glass in various finishes: coloured glass, white or bronze mirror, transparent and grey transparent glass. The underlying frame can be seen through the transparent glass. The frame doors can be hinged or fl ap-doors, with push opening. Fronts of Slash glass door, available only for the storage unit, are provided with a frame th. 20 mm in burnished aluminium finish with integrated handle and grey transparent glass.

    ADJUSTMENT - For sideboards and storage units the adjustment for levelling occurs only through the levelling feet H. 30, positioned on the bottom and adjustable with hex key. Such type of adjustment is possible only where specified.

    OPEN WALL UNITS - Open wall units are made of E1 wood particleboard panels with a thickness of 15 mm, wood veneered or lacquered in various matt or glossy colours. They are always fixed to the wall and are available in different sizes: 640 - 960 - 1280 - 1600 - 1920 x 240 / 320 with a depth of 362 mm.

    SUSPENDED METAL ELEMENTS - Suspended open metal elements are made of lacquered matt painted metal. The back is made of E1 wood particleboard panels with a thickness of 12 mm, matt lacquered in the same colour as the structure. They are always fixed to the wall and are available in two sizes: 320 - 640 x 320 with a depth of 385 mm. Available also the bookcase h. 1280 mm d. 320 mm in the same material.

    WOODEN CUBE - SHAPED ELEMENTS - The structures are made of E1 wooden particleboards panels with a thickness of 20 mm, wood veneered or lacquered in various matt or glossy colours.They are always open elements joined at 45° on corners, with depth 362 mm. Wooden shelves th. 20 mm or transparent glass shelves th.8 mm can be added to these elements.

    WALL SHELVING SYSTEMS - The structures are made of E1 wooden particleboards panels with a thickness of 25 mm for back panels and thickness 15 mm for shelves and partitions, wood veneered or lacquered in various matt or gloss colours.They are provided with a hanging system which allows the fastening onto the wall and can be adjusted in height. They can be combined together in a horizontal or vertical position, in order to create different modular options.Attention: by placing vertical and horizontal modules ones close to the others, a certain difference in the wood grain might be visible.

    OPENING AND CLOSING SYSTEMS - Four opening systems are provided: Hinged door - Flap door - Drawers/Deep drawers - Sliding door.The doors are provided with a push opening (with push click). The doors with handle opened by holding the front panel are equipped with hinges with dampened closure (soft). The fl ap-doors with downward opening have fl at hinges with push opening.Standard jutting drawers are equipped with guides with push opening and synchronizer which makes them easier to be opened. The hinges of Slash glass doors are not available with dampened closing system.

    RESIN EFFECT FINISH - The resin effect finish is obtained by using low-residue and a toxic paints, through a water-based painting cycle.The application is executed by means of spray and spatula in order to get a three-dimensional concrete effect. Since it is applied manually,there is a possibility that the surface might show uneven zones, which are to be considered of great value due to the hand craft processing. For cleaning we recommend water and neutral detergent (50/50). PAINTS The paints employed are low-residue ones and a toxic. For the wood and lacquered finishes, water-borne paints are used.For the lacquered glossy finishes solvent-based paints are used. The wood finish is an open-pore one.

    TOLERANCES - The parts with wood finish may change colour over time due to exposure to light and humidity as well as the passing of time.A certain allowance is due to product variation for lacquered finishes. In case of a subsequent order, it’s not possible to guarantee a perfect colour-matching with the original composition.
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Contemporary design storage unit 'Line' by Dall'Agnese