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How to furnish the bedroom of your dreams?

Posted: 04/08/2014 in Blog

Guidelines To Furnishing A Bedroom | Bedroom Furniture Blog

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Bedrooms are a place for rest, sleep and privacy. And nothing should disturb the harmony - no creaking doors or dull lighting, no excess furniture. In cluttered room with unnecessary furniture, feels a lack of air and space. Knowledge on how to furnish a bedroom, greatly simplifies this difficult task. 

The most important thing is a winning colour

Anything people do, usually starts with a plan. So in this case, the colour plays an important part. If you would paste over the wall of a small bedroom, with dark wallpapers or paint, then It'd be hard to relax in there. It would seem grim, tiny, uncomfortable and cluttered. In everything, you need to know the rules of choosing colours, and of course, proportions. 

Psychologists say that the best colours for a bedroom are the pastel ones, such as beige, vanilla, ivory, milky white, etc. If you choose them, then you will definitely accomplish the first hardest task.  However, keep in mind that for the rooms with an excess of sunlight, you should choose cool tones, and for bedrooms which are located on northern part - warm colours.

White - the most versatile colour. It visually enlarges any small bedroom, and it's ideal for sunny rooms, furthermore it allows you to choose any colour of the furniture and makes it look more sophisticated. 
Pink is preferable for kid's bedrooms. In combination with white, it creates a special atmosphere of lightness and comfort. Same with a light blue and pale green. The red is considered too aggressive for a bedroom. 

The most popular colours are blue and green, as they tend to sooth and pacify. Especially, nowadays is highly trendy - Eco design, which is dominated by a soft green hue and It amazingly combines with yellow tones. Blue colour gets perfectly complemented by white, and allows multiple bright accents. Another fashionable colour is a light brown. It's ideal for bedroom, as it guarantees a lovely stay and peaceful dreams. Particularly important to choose brown as the dominant colour and combine it with the light toned furnishing and accessories. It will be definitely a stylish solution for a modern interior. 

Bedroom furniture

When you will start choosing furniture, immediately determine what type of furniture you are interested in. Classic and minimalist styles are the most popular in UK. If you choose the classics, have a look at the bedroom furniture of traditional set: a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table, a table with a mirror and chest of drawers. With the second option (minimalist style) is even easier. 

Today in any online furniture store, you can find furniture in minimalist style. Simple, elegant bed, wardrobe without monograms and ornaments, stylish bedside table, these are the essential furniture pieces for a modern bedroom. And do not forget that with minimalist style you shouldn't  place unnecessary furniture. 

This is a centrepiece of any bedroom. Ideally, it should be fairly large, moderately soft, extremely comfortable and preferably with fragrant linen. Of course, forged headboards and canopies will simply look ridiculous, but for a large bedroom it's a great solution. And please, do not skimp on the mattress, as your peaceful sleep depends on it for at least next few years. 

The best option for small bedroom is a wardrobe with sliding doors and designers recommend to have mirrored doors as they visually expand a space.

Colour is extremely important for a bedroom interior. Light coloured furniture (vanilla, birch, oak wood) is ideal solution for a small bedroom. Dark colours, such as mahogany, wenge, walnut, chocolate oak) look gorgeous in the huge bedroom. However, note that dark furniture is not very practical, as a dust and fingerprints can be easily seen. 

Carpet. If you are considering to place a carpet into your bedroom, then it's better to choose a small, decorative one. In fact, it is a huge dust collector and requires regular wet cleaning. But it's such a good feeling when you are stepping on the soft, shaggy rug in the morning. So there is a solution.