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Valentine's Day Furniture

Posted: 31/01/2017 in Blog

Suggestions for pieces of furniture that are great for Valentine's Day

My Italian Living Ltd

There is no such celebration that is so much hated as Valentine's Day - mainly because many people will spend the day in bed, listen to the Forever Alone compilation and posting memes against corny couples. Well, we have another solution, both for couples that want to give a sparkle to their houses, and both for those people who do not have a loved one to spend Valentine's Day with but still want to feel positive about it - and we can assure that there is a lot of positiveness in the single life, much more than usually expected.

Here you'll find our suggestions for pieces of furniture that have a sexy or romantic flair and that we know you'll love, even if you don't have quite a good feeling towards love and romanticism these days and you look at happy couples with despise and cynicism.


Large Pouf for Indoor and Outdoor 'Kiss' by Sedit


This is a classic. The sofa or pouf shaped as female lips has been an iconic piece of furniture for years. Even the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali had this kind of sofa - not that this is surprising. This piece by Sedit has the advantage of being a pouf and therefore it does not have the dimensions and stillness of sofas. This is quite an eccentric piece, so you may not want to have it always there, in your living room, unless you are a burlesque passionate - we are joking! Truth is that a pouf is much easier to stock and to put inside a cupboard or sideboard in case you do not want to use it, but it can definitely give a nice touch to your Valentine's Day... drink a glass of Prosecco, comfortably sat on the soft lips of the pouf! And even if you'll spend the night by yourself, wouldn't these lips make you feel like a badass if you eat 2 kilos of chocolate ice-cream while watching Bridget Jones for the umpteenth time?

The pouf has a removable and washable outer cover and can be put both outdoor and indoor. It is adjustable to body's positions - so we are sure you'll have fun on it, both alone and with your partner!



Rectangular Wrought Iron Frame Wall Mirror 'Fly' by Cosatto




If Valentine's Day makes you feel a bit romantic, this is the kind of purchase you do without even thinking about it - together with chocolate and other tons of aphrodisiac food, lingerie, heart-shaped decorations that will definitely end up somewhere at the back of some drawers but that you found irresistible while having shopping.

Well, this mirror has a great romantic flair. Its frame is simply amazing, and it makes it look like one of the princesses' mirrors in the movies. Products by Cosatto are all based on the Italian tradition of wrought iron frames, but they also change the "old school" in order to adapt it to the new needs and tastes. In this case, modernity is perfectly mixed with the tradition, and it contributed to create a genuinly romantic piece. It looks amazing with a beautiful vase with flowers, and it will be great to make the room lighter and bigger.

The mirror has a circle shape laser cut frame. This technique is perfect to guarantee the top quality of the design and of the materials. The mirror is available in many colours, all romantic and traditional as Cosatto's usual design and style.



Modern Indoor/Outdoor Umbrella Stand 'Heart' by Cosatto




Well, we are posting about Valentine's Day furniture, so did you really expect we wouldn't show you any heart-shaped product? Impossible!

This piece is made by Cosatto and it is another of those products that you just adore when you are in love and the only thing you can see is the face of your dear one surrounded by hearts. We area joking, of course, because this product is very elegant even if you think love is just an inventions to make you by chocolate.

Many umbrella stands, because of the wetness and humidity that they need to endure, get damaged quite quickly. This product by Cosatto, instead, together with being elegant, is also very reliable and durable. The frame is made with the laser cut technique, and the wrought iron material makes it resistant and easy to clean.

It prevents the water from wetting the floor and it will allow you to keep your umbrellas tidily while keeping your house dry. Even if the product in the picture is grey, you may want to have it in different colours, al fashionable and romantic. We particularly like, especially for Valentine's Day, the red one, but there are many others that we are sure you'll like a lot, such as lilac or champagne.

If you feel like a heart-shaped umbrella stand is definitely too much and you don't like being reminded that you're single even when walking into your home, you can have a look at the more cynical "Rain" version of the product, shaped with umbrellas and raindrops.



Unique and Ultramodern 'Sexy' Chair by Adrenalina


There is a reason why this chair is called 'Sexy'. First, because of its shape, that reminds of the soft, abundant curves of a woman. The colour in the picture, then, this bright, flamboyant red, that speaks of romanticism, of course, but mostly passion. And then the metal handles, which may be useful to prepare some amazingly sexy shows to your partner - pole dancing, burlesque performing, strip-teases... this chair is perfect for those who feel creative and want to give their partner some great memories of their best Valentine's Day ever.

Go buy some Prosecco, some new lingerie, choose the right music and choreograph a great dance for your partner . and then, serve them something delicious to eat. Fondue is very popular for Valentine's Day, with pieces of fruit to plunge into melted chocolate. Otherwise, you may eat some lobster, that is of course a great food for Valentine's Day. Anyway, if you do not like the colour and fabric of 'Sexy', you may want to check the different colours and choose among them. There are many possibilities. The seat comes with wooden structure padded with polyurethane foam and fiberfill.