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2017 New Ideas

Posted: 11/01/2017 in Blog

My Italian Living Ideas for January 2017

My Italian Living Ltd
Holidays are over and 2017 has just started. Let's try not to dwell on how sad going back to the everyday routine is and let us wish you a happy new year!
Usually, with the new year many other new decisions come, and you may want to consider some ways to decorate your house. If you have not taken advantage of Christmas to ask for some furniture gifts, no worries - now it could be a great time to wonder if buying a new sofa or a new wardrobe. 
As you may know, we have a new gallery where you can find many new products that are now part of our catalogue. We are especially proud of the new selection of wardrobes, that are all made out of the best-quality wood and are designed with elegance and care. All the materials are eco-friendly, with non-toxic paints and easy to clean surfaces. 
For every information or question you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our office and to ask for more specific details about any item. The wardrobe 'Flaubert' by Santa Lucia is available in dark wood, with a beautiful mirror that will make your room look big and spacious. 
If you are not into traditional wardrobe and you prefer the cabins, then 'Easy Project' by Dall'Agnese may be another solution, with the clothes and items exposed to the eyes of the visitor. It will give a very contemporary aspect to your room. 


Our new dressing tables and consoles are perfect if you need a place where keeping your beauty products and doing your makeup. Women have used these pieces of furniture for centuries, and even if nowadays women have, in general, less time to spend in front of the mirror, dressing tables are still very popular, especially because they are traditional but also designed by contemporary designers that will make them great assets for your bedrooms. 
We are particularly happy of showing you 'Luna' by Dall'Agnese, with its amazing mirror shaped like a full moon. The ivory, beautiful colour of the piece makes it perfect if you want to give a hint of light to your place. We have many new dressing tables like this, all designed in a traditional, elegant style. If you need something more modern, then we have the beautiful 'Jerkins' by Dall'Agnese, that has the same colour of 'Luna' but also has a completely different design. You can use it to do your hair and makeup and to storage or keep all your beauty products. 

Even if you are not ready or you don't need a substantial change in your house, you may want to give a "new look" to the place by adding a great detail or something that will definitely make the whole place look stunning. In that case, we suggest you to have a close look at our beautiful collection of new rugs: many new carpets, all in very different styles, that may all look perfect in your bedroom, living room or any other room. 
We particularly like 'Blue Sofia' by Sitap. Sitap is our main rugs supplier and it is always a guarantee of quality and style. Have a close look at the catalogue to see if you find anything that may suit your house's style and your needs. If you have any question about the materials, the dimensions and colours, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you. 


We want your year to start at best - hopefully, with some furniture from My Italian Living. Changes are always a good way to help you loving your house and to see it "growing" with your life path.