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Our Tips for Christmas 2016

Posted: 02/12/2016 in Blog

My Italian Living Christmas Tips

My Italian Living Ltd

Christmas is definitely on its way. For those who simply love the atmosphere at this time of the year, the arrival of the 1stof December is a real joy - they can finally open their Advent calendar (probably bought right in the middle of November), and they can legitimately listen to Michael Buble's Christmas album in the car. The Christmas lover who is keen on décor and interior design comes up with new, creative and original ideas to make the house a real temple of festivity - the perfect warm and nice place where having guests and organising Christmas parties.

The holidays are approaching and we know these days may be quite intense, with all the deadlines and last things you need to do, but we know that our pieces of advice can be useful, especially when days roll by and your relatives and friends will be knocking at your door in the blink of an eye.

The rooms that you may want to furnish and decor during Christmas time are two: the living room, where your guests may gather to watch a movie, have a drink or just talk, and the dining room, where the biggest lunches will happen, either for Christmas or New Year.




A piece that is essential for a great dining room is, of course, an extendable table. Even if you live by yourself or you have a small family, you may have a lot of relatives that are ready to invade your place - and there's nothing worst, on Christmas, to have lunch with someone else's elbow piercing your stomach. You need to have a table that will make everyone feel comfortable. The one that we want to show you has a modern and traditional style at the same time, and can be a good centrepiece either in a contemporary or classically furnished room.

Do you need any advice to keep the table away from stains and scratches? We do have a trick in mind. We know that you may want to set the table in the most creative, nice and Christmas-themed way, but fabric tablecloths don't prevent the table from getting damaged. One thing you can use instead is a plastic, waterproof cloth that will make you avoid any difficult-to-remove spots or scratches. We know that these cloths are usually not that beautiful, so just put it under the fancy, red, golden, green, trees or reindeer themes cloth you have chosen. Keep your extendable table beautiful and ready for next year!




How many songs have you heard about Christmas lights? We are sure you heard plenty, and we are also sure you have decorated the outdoor and indoor of your house with small, bright bulbs. We are not fans of the changing-shocking-colours ones, but we do love the normal Christmas lights and we love the atmosphere they bring to a room or a place in general.

Lights at Christmas are important, this is the reason why we think that you may want to consider the lighting system of your house. Neon lights are okay to catch people's attention on the street, but they are not very elegant at home. Christmas needs a lovely, warm and intimate atmosphere that some cold, intense neon lights cannot really conceive.

The lamp we would like to show you is available in different colours, but we think that the best for Christmas is of course the Amber one, which comes in these amazing shades of yellow, orange and golden, which will light up your room and make you feel at the centre of a beautiful Christmas tale. Our piece of advice is to mix up good lights with the bright red and dark shades of Christmas plants: common holly, butcher's-broom, mistletoe, Christmas flowers are all great contrast with the brightness of golden lights. A good lamp that illuminates the Christmas tree is great to give to your living room the best, warmest atmosphere.




The last thing we want to tell you about is how to make your guests feel comfortable in your house. When the big lunch or dinner are over, people may want to lie down on the sofas or on the armchairs - and if you have twenty people at home, well, it may be quite tricky, but you may also be strategic and try to turn your normal chairs into comfortable lounge chairs. How? It's easier than you could expect!

We got the inspiration from the amazing armchair Dolly by Dall'Agnese. The design is of course amazing, elegant and modern, but it also has some elements of more traditional armchairs. The armchair seems covered by a burgundy, dark and elegant cloth, that gives it a very contemporary and stylish look. If you want to do the same to turn your normal chairs into beautiful lounge chairs, than it is extremely easy: take some basic pillows and arrange them on the chair, than cover everything with a beautiful cloth! Also, we really love the fur carpets by Sitap, which may be put on the floor of course, but may be also perfect to put on a chair and makes it a cool, comfortable place to sit while every other relative is lying on the sofa!

Make sure the cloth or the fur carpet are all similar or at least will make your living room even more stylish. If the lounge chairs and sofas are all mismatched, than you may have difficulties finding them a good solution!




A part from being stylish and fashionable, the real point of Christmas is to spend time with your family or with your loved ones. If this year you don't have time to decor or to buy some amazing, expensive pieces of furniture, it really does not mind. The important thing is what you give to your loved ones in terms of love, kindness, support. Everything else does not really matter.