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Ideas for a Perfect Winter 2016

Posted: 16/11/2016 in Blog

My Italian Living Ideas for Winter 2016

My Italian Living Ltd

Winter is Coming. If you love to curl up on the bed or sofa while watching (or reading) Game of Thrones, then you perfectly know what we are referring to: bad times are coming, not only because of the political stirring we saw this year, but also because bad weather is definitely coming. This does not mean that you should not be happy. In fact, many people prefer the cosiness of lying on the bed under a nice, soft blanket rather than the pressure of showing off legs and muscles on the seaside in front of too many pairs of eyes. To be honest, as Italians we love to be kissed by the sun, but we cannot deny the appeal of a nice, rainy night spent at home alone or with your loved ones, watching a good movie and drinking hot chocolate.

So yes, winter is coming - but it's taking also what we love best, holidays and celebrations! Thanksgiving Day for Americans, then Christmas and New Year's Eve, Epiphany for Italians... Children are going to put stockings on the fireplace and wait for their parents to fill them with presents, Michael Buble's voice is going to be heard from every corner of the city, and delicious food will be cooked. We are thrilled that we are rapidly approaching that period of the year - and this is why we really feel like suggesting some new products in case you feel like your house needs a couple of improvements in decoration. We have just opened a new Gallery of more than 300 products, with a focus on carpets. Carpets are very easy to ship, they are not expensive and could seem as not-essential pieces, but actually they give a lot of personality to any room you put them into.


We love modern furniture, but as Italians, we can fall easily for some touches of tradition that may link us to our history and roots. For this reason, we are very proud of showing you the amazing collection of Persian carpets, so popular in Italian furniture because they are classic and contemporary at the same time. One of our favourite is Iron Sofia by Sitap, which has both elements of traditional and modern style and we really recommend for any kind of room or environment: as you can see, its colour and pattern make it an amazing piece both for contemporary, shabby chic or classical furniture. If you are more into traditional Persian rugs, of course we have what you are looking for. A very eccentric new collection we are really proud of is the Animalier line, that is, fake leather carpets that resemble animals' furs - such as, zembras, cows, giraffes, tigers. This kind of rugs is still very popular and it is used a lot in the halls of hotels and cool bars. We like fake animals' leather with shabby chic and western furniture, but we also think that it is at its best with a very minimalist and essential style. One of our favourite is the beautiful Three Colours Cow. If you are more into a simple, minimalist design, then we can suggest the Trendy collection.



To go back to Game of Thrones, we are also very proud to show you our new lounge chairs. Winter, in fact, is the season of long nights spent in front of the fireplace while reading a novel and sipping a cup of tea or hot chocolate (well, to be honest we wish every winter night was like that... most of them are filled with too many deadlines and things to do).

Anyway, hopefully, during the holidays you'll have time to sit in your armchair to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and the exquisite writing of your favourite author. But remember: your own armchair must not be just a casual, old and uncomfortable armchair. It must be... a Throne! And the new lounge chairs we have in our Gallery, all by Domingo Salotti, really look like amazingly elegant and royal thrones. We particularly like Golden Throne, which has an eccentric, vintage flair and may look particularly stunning in a minimalist and elegant environment. The white version of the same chair is more modern, and we love it as well. If you are more into very comfortable, cosy chairs, than Classy could be your favourite, but we love them all indiscriminately.



The last category of items we would like to tell you about is our wrought iron beds collection, of which we couldn't be more proud than how we already are: winter, and Christmas of course, speak us of home, and nothing feels like Italian homes as wrought iron beds, so popular in the 20th century in all the richest houses, especially the rural ones.

We love these beds because their durability and resistance speak of centuries of tradition, of the reliability of our roots and our heritage. Every culture has a history as every person has a story - and we like to think that these beds are all about it. Cosatto is our main supplier, and we are particularly in love with Music, which is available in different colours and has a very original and unique frame. The designers of this bed were inspired by the tradition of wrought iron frames and created something incredibly new and original. If you are more into classical frames, though, we have them as well, especially the beautiful Pink and Iris. If this Christmas you feel like giving your house a new touch that speaks of coziness and love, then there's nothing better than a wrought iron bed!



We really hope that this winter will bring you peaceful and wonderful moments with your loved ones. Home is always home, it does not matter how you furnish it.