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Ideas for Fall 2016

Posted: 11/10/2016 in Blog

Our ideas and suggestions for Fall 2016

My Italian Living Ltd

It does not matter where you are in Europe or in the world: in Italy as in England, the end of summer is a transitional moment, not only because the weather changes, but also because school starts again, students begin to go to classes and a new academic and professional year kicks in. We do hope this doesn't depress you - autumn is a breath-taking season, with its amazing colours and atmosphere. If you like summer but you are also excited by the new ideas and new experiences coming with this season, then we are sure you must like fall as we do. We also like it because this season is an inspiration for interior design. Colours and fabrics change, and this period is full of feast days that can make you feel like decorating and furnishing your house in creative, original ways - and don't worry, we'll write about Halloween, Bonfire night, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on... soon enough. As summer is definitely over and it's starting to be quite cold in London, we wanted to write a post about nice ideas, colours and inspirations for your autumn.

Stories are told by details. As with life, significant details make our stories and memories more vivid and alive, and the same happens with furniture. This is why we want to start this article by suggesting to have a look at our accessories. First of all, autumn is the season of rain (and yeah, we know this could make you feel miserable, but some people actually like rain!). If you love to spend your tormented nights in bed, reading a good book and enjoying a nice cup of tea as it's raining cats and dogs, then you'll love this accessory - especially because it prevents you from spending that time cleaning the hallway after coming home with a wet and muddy umbrella: it's the lovely umbrella stand Rain by Cosatto, decorated with nice umbrellas and drops of rain. If you feel like you've seen enough rain, then there is a different version of the same umbrella stand, called Heart and decorated with hearts. Both of them are made out of laser-cut metal.



In autumn, people start also to dress in layers - and the weather in England is never too steady and trustworthy. One moment it's raining heavily, the other the sun shines brightly on London's skyline. That's why you may want to dress in layers - but of course, those layers must be taken off as soon as you get home, especially if they are all wet! We do offer a lot of beautiful coat stands, all very different one from the other and therefore perfect for every kind of style and taste. You can have a look at the wrought iron ones, by Cosatto, available in different colours. Cosatto also designed some coat stands that resemble plants and flowers, but even some that are made out of metal and represent hands, for a more modern house. We also really like the one by Target Furniture, a very contemporary and classy piece, available in different colours.

Autumn is also a season when, due to the bad weather, you can spend a lot of time at home. This may be good for someone who needs to relax and just lie in front of the TV eating ice-cream, but it may also seem extremely dull to others... especially kids! This is why we really feel like suggesting a quick glance to our poufs and beanbags, where you'll find many funny, bright-coloured and comfortable poufs. Your kids (and you, of course!) will associate the time spent at home with relax, comfort and fun. This is quite important. You will give your house a touch of irony and brightness, and we know your kids will love them, especially the ones shaped as animals (you'll find a rabbit, a ladybird, and an amazing penguin).



This fall's trends in terms of colours include quite flamboyant colours, and we do particularly like the darker, warm shades such as Dusty Cedar and Potter's Clay. You have no idea what these colours may represent? Don't worry, we have some solutions for you. These are some of our ideas for the fabrics and colours of your fall.  As you can see, the amazing design of this TV unit assembled with bookshelves and drawers goes perfectly with the warm colours of the sofa.


The sand colour is very good for this season and we really do think that the dark touch of the shelves adds a lot of elegance and style to the room. These colours resemble the ones of the fallen leaves - but if you think this is too much of a gloomy atmosphere, don't worry: these colours can be easily matched with more flamboyant ones, such as Spicy Mustard and many others that are very cool this fall 2016.