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Choosing the right mattress for children

Posted: 23/07/2016 in Blog

It can be a hard decision when choosing the right mattress for a child

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One of the most difficult choices as a parent is to choose the right mattress for your child. Children are constantly growing and  as their bones grow so does  the importance that they sleep on a mattress that supplies the correct amount of support for their spines. We are all to aware that sleeping on a low costs or used mattress can be very uncomfortable and can lead to a restless night that can actually impact our well being. So for children having a bad mattress increases the  added risk of stiffness or discomfort as their bodies constantly change. So it is always important to make the right choice when selecting a mattress for your child.
Choosing a good mattress can be confusing, but most retailers would suggests going with a box springs support. Whether it is an open coil or pocket sprung, these generally offer the most support for children and aid in in a comfortable night's sleep.

Most adult's like the idea of Latex or memory foam, but the base is also the key factor when choosing a mattress of this kind. These kind of mattress are really not ideal for children. It is also important to think about the style of bed you are opting for if changing the base. This can make it hard to find a suitable good quality mattress that will fit. So it is advised to consider your options before buying, no matter what age the child is. It is also important to remember that the mattress comfort is more important then the style of bed you choose. Most good retailers willa dvise choosing the mattress first before deciding on the bed.

No matter what frame you prefer, be it a bunk bed, cabin bed, high sleeper,storage bed, metal frame, or a modern design. The mattress is the most important element. Always buy a mattress that is covered by the UK health and safety regulations. Most mattress will come with guarantees starting at one year. Giving you more peace of mind of the quality of the product.
It is always recommended to also buy a mattress protector. These aid in the longevity of the mattress and most are 100% waterproof. They do stop perspiration seeping into the mattress giving the mattress a longer life. Most good mattress protectors are hypoallergenic and have a barrier which helps asthma suffers and hay fever sufferers from dust mite allergies. Even changing pillows can help aid a restful night sleep.
So always take into consideration a good mattress first, then the base and look at ways to keep your children free from allergies. You can all sleep at night knowing that your children are peaceful and comfortable.