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Guidelines to choosing shapes and sizes of dining tables

Posted: 09/02/2016 in

Guidelines To Choosing A Dining Table | Dining Room Furniture Blog

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There are a wide variety of dining room table shapes and sizes. How do you know and choose which one is right for you?

The look of your table is important, of course; but ensure to consider whether it fits your designated space and serves its functional purpose of seating, is even more crucial. 

Standard table sizes

  • 183 cm rectangular table - Comfortably seats 6.
  • 244 cm rectangular table - Comfortably seats 8.
  • 305 cm rectangular table - Comfortably seats 10.
  • 92 - 122 cm round table - Comfortably seats 4.
  • 153 cm round table - Comfortably seats 6.
  • 183 inch round table - Comfortably seats 8.
Measure distance between table-to-wall.       
Firstly you must measure the space around the room. To ensure diners have easy access to sit or get up from their seats, a gap of 107 - 122 cm should be left between the walls and the table area.

If there is a case of furniture in your dining area, such as a bookcase, the method is similar. Measure from the edge of the furniture to that of the table, ensuring there is a 107 - 122 cm gap.

  • An alternate way of measuring can be to grab a few sheets or towels, place it where the table will be, and fold it into the shape of the table. This will allow you to have a visualisation of the space, allowing you to measure the clearances easier.
  • If your table will have extensions, please be sure to include them in your calculations.
  • Don't overcrowd your table. The manufacturer should recommend the number of people that is suitable to be seated around the table comfortably, as each person usually needs about 2 feet of eating space.
Round dining tables

Modern round tables are great for a small home. They fit into tight, sometimes awkward spaces and no obstructing sharp corners. These shaped tables are great for maximising space and including as much people as possible. Pedestal tables are even more effective, as they offer more legroom.

Square dining tables
If your room happens to be contemporary and square, a square table, likewise to a round one, allows for more intimate dining due to the equal distance apart for diners. Aesthetically, it is great as it replicates the room shape around it.
Similar to the round table, the bigger a square table is, the more difficult it may be to reach food.
In a case where you may have to seat eight people comfortably on a regular or consistent basis, while still maintaining the square shape; we advise to get a square table with extendible leaves that turns the table into a rectangular shape. 

Splurge on table and minimise seating.
When looking to take up less space designated for seating, you can replace with a bench instead of chairs, all chairs on one side, or both a bench and a set of chairs on either side of the table.

A bonus of the bench is that it can be stored underneath the table when not in use. See more from our dining room furniture range.

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