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modern contemporary Italian kitchen furniture design by lyons
Thanks to an evolution in interior design, contemporary kitchens have been classified as a necessity to transform kitchens into he heart of the home. The kitchen is now more than just a room where food is stored and prepared, it is now a place for all of the family to come together and interact. 

No matter the purpose of your space, we're bound to offer a unit that meets your aesthetic and functional preferences. With sleek designs and luxurious finishes, there are limitless options from you to choose from; whether it's from our catalogues or from your own design and concept, we can make it happen. 

We also give you the option to customise the materials, finishes, sizes and colours of each unit.

With kitchens by Italian market leaders such as Corazzin, Lyon and Mobilegno, you can expect nothing less than quality.

Lyon are currently promoting their two new line of kitchen designs that are Cronos and Energy. 

'Cronos' is a kitchen with a versatile design that virtually occupies the room. The concept offers new aesthetic and functional solutions, such as the 'G' and 'V' handles which were created directly on the panel of the door. This not only adds detail to the composition, it adds character and creates a practically invisible handle.

With a wide variety of finishes to enhance the essence of the model, you'll be left in awe as you choose from over 35 different PVC finishes, divided into wood, opaque shades and glossy colours.

'Energy' on the other hand, is a functional, versatile, extroverted, essential and innovative project. It unassumingly interprets the modern kitchen with a young design, where the contemporary materials and dynamic elements restore creativity to the kitchen.

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We guarantee that our kitchen furniture from Italian manufacturers are professionally designed and will last for many years. Italian kitchen furniture in performance meets all quality health and safety standards.

The most daring design ideas can be easily realized by our Italian manufacturers. We offer special interior design services for our clients, such as Interior design consultation, Space (Floor) Planning and Furniture layout. Find out more here.

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modern contemporary Italian kitchen with standing units and wall cabinets by lyons modern contemporary Italian modular kitchen sets by lyons 
modern contemporary Italian kitchen spacesaving units, stools and cabinets by lyons modern contemporary Italian kitchen spacesaving unit by lyons