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How to maintain and care your garden/patio furniture

Posted: 20/05/2015 in Blog

Here's a few tips to help you extend the life of your garden furniture

My Italian Living Ltd
Our Italian outdoor furniture is made from high-quality materials and transformed into masterpieces by popular Italian designers. Although they are low-maintenance and are expected to last a long period of time, you can never be too safe. 

Here's some tips to help you preserve and extend the life of your garden furniture: 

Preserving your Wooden Furniture       
Tropical hardwood such as teak and eucalyptus have a high natural oil content. This allows them to be weather resistant and can be left outside throughout the year. It's average for them to develop cracks after being exposed to the sun and rain. Hardwood only requires an annual scrub with soapy water then rinsed off to remove algae and air pollution, thus, restoring the surface. To avoid blackening the wood, ensure that the surface is completely dry before applying teak oil or a protectant. We recommend using furniture covers, especially during the winter.

modular square coffee table made in italy

Preserving your Metal Furniture

  • Wrought iron and steel - This type of furniture is usually given a comprehensive anti-rust treatment, then finished using tough coatings. Also if furniture is stored away, or covered during the winter it reduces premature damages. If the item gets damaged and the bare metal becomes exposed, touch up the paintwork with a suitable paint coating or car paint which will reinforce and provide protection.
  • Cast aluminium - Fortunately, this cannot rust, however, if the polyester coating is damaged it could begin to strip. To avoid this, touch up with metal or car paint.

metal classic modern design garden chairs in white orange and green

Preserving your Woven furniture
Most woven furniture is made from synthetic wicker, even though it looks like the real thing, it is far more weatherproof and soft to touch. As well as being supple, tear-resistant, UV and weather-resistant; it is pretty untroubled by changes in temperature and can withstand very cold or very hot conditions. Being very low maintenance, woven furniture can be cleaned by using a pressure hose on a low setting. Alternatively, there are specialised non-foaming cleansers, as the residue of foaming products tend to get trapped inbetween the weave and attract dirt.

Italian woven contemporary patio garden furniture

Preserving your Plastic furniture
Plastic furniture are made from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or PE (Polyethylene), and are manufactured with a number of chemical additives such as: ultraviolet stabilisers and fungicides. Plastic furniture otherwise known as resin (all-weather) furniture is pretty resistant to most conditions. If stained or mildew has begun growing, wipe with a chlorine bleach solution. Another deteriorating agent is sunscreen which leaves a residue and can discolour some plastics, if this occurs then wipe with a wet cloth and mild soap solution.

contemporary design plastic patio furniture made in Italy white colour

Preserving your Garden accessories
Garden accessories consist of Parasols (umbrellas) and cushions. If parasols get wet, leave them open to dry. Bear in mind if it is winter or there are high winds be sure to store it elsewhere safe. For cushions, be sure to: store in a dry place, sponge clean with upholstery shampoo, keep covered if not being used and avoid storing in polythene bags as they may develop mold.

umbrella in white outdoor garden accessories


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