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Essentials for an organised house

Posted: 29/04/2015 in Blog

Here's 5 items we think are crucial to keeping a house organised

My Italian Living Ltd
At My Italian Living we offer many different types of furniture, but we have found our space-saving line to be very promising, as it displays the type of products we aim to offer to our customers perfectly.These space-savers range from coffee tables that extend into dining tables, to Living room TV media units that contain a wardrobe, bookshelf and even a fold out bed. Yes... a fold out bed!

Here's 5 items we think are crucial to keeping the house organized and without clutter:

1. Storage Beds - A bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture within a household, so it's very important to make a right choice in selecting. So what is a perfect bed? Tastes differs, but we all want the main features, which is its quality, durability, comfort and of course, attractive design.

Below we have the 'Felix' storage bed by Morassuitti. Available in eco-leather, leather or fabric and accompanied by a liftable slatted base; it is elegant, sophisticated and modern.
contemporary black dark grey upholstered bed with or without storage concrete wall in bedroom

2. Wardrobes - One of the main pieces in a bedroom is a wardrobe. Nowadays, the bedroom is not just a place designed for overnight stay, as it is for most people, a dressing room. Bedrooms are sometimes even offices, which is why it's important to choose stylish yet good quality wardrobes that are equipped with extra accessories. Some of these accessories are tie-hangers, shelves and even built-in drawers.

The 'Metropolis' by Mobilstella wardrobe below has a modern, minimalistic design. With 2 sliding doors it is easily accessable and the pattern compliments its aesthetic features.

multicolour sliding door wardrobe design from Italy

3. Hallway Units - Most of the time, hallways are limited to space because of bulky cabinets, old fashioned racks and unattractive shelves. But there are still solutions and techniques that can be used to incorporate enough storage space, while visually expand the visual appearance of the room.

Below we have a minimalistic entryway furniture set 'Small' by Birex. This unit incorporates a mirror, bench and coat rack into one idealistic set, and with its numerous finishes it is fit for each and every hallway with its functionality and modern aesthetic appearance. 

Wall unit for hallway in white and mirror

4.Sideboards - Sideboards are another essential piece of furniture, which not only last a long period of time, but are quite multifunctional with it's elegant, modern and functional design. Sideboards can be made to order, meaning not only made when you order, but also as personalised as possible with a selection of colours, finishes and attachments. Sideboards are available also in modular designs and are suitable in living rooms, dressing room, hallways, bedrooms and kitchens.

Below we have the luxury low, minimal design 'Ginestra' sideboard manufactured by Orme. Additional to its elegant design, it is also available in a variety of finishes.

black gloss Italian low sideboard

5.Tv Units - With technology improving as each day goes by, televisions are constantly being released and purchased. However, even though installing tv wall mounts has become more popular nowadays, a lot of persons don't want to damage their walls by drilling holes in them, as well as many can't because they do not own their own homes and are simply tenants. This has resulted in an increase of sideboards purchased, improving their functionality and aesthetic design. Being manufactured by Italian companies also ensures that the units purchased are durable and reliable.

Below is a picture of the 'Beijing vs Helsinki' tv unit by Mobilstella. This modern and minimalistic designed unit fits in harmoniously in any cosmopolitan interior and is a perfect example of what we offer here at My Italian Living.

contemporary design wall unit for living room

These products are made from the finest materials and include a fusion of both contemporary and modern designs that will suit almost, if not everyone; as well as a price tag that is definitely inviting to everyone. Products appeal mainly to the likes of those that may be tight on space, such as persons who occupy a studio or small home.

These masterpieces are bound to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Here at My Italian Living we are not only keen on providing furniture that appeals to our customers' taste, but also benefits them. We do this by offering high quality, multi-functional, Italian furniture at a very affordable price.