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Summer household sprucing

Posted: 21/04/2015 in Blog

These tips make sure you're on the right track for Summer decorating

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Sprucing up your household for the Summer

With summer around the corner and spring already upon us, it's time you gave your household the overdue makeover it may be dying to receive. Here's a brief list of items and techniques that can be used to bring the colours and scenery of the outdoors to the comfort of indoors. 

Maintain a balance of warm & cool colours - Incorporate warm, inviting colours such as: yellows, browns, oranges; additionally try to balance it out using cool colours such as blue and green. This will create a summery feel, while at the same time, not be overwhelming.

Add a wallpaper - New coloured or patterned wallpaper will not only grasp person's attention upon seeing it, but it also compliments the rest of the room by bringing aesthetic appeal. It is also more cost efficient and easier to apply than a fresh coat of paint.

One for all -
 Incorporate neutral colours to enhance and compliment the other furniture and colours. An example of this is greige.

Rugs - Get a rug. It gives a finished look, brings comfort, increases cosiness and even contributes to the heat retentiveness in the room and improves sound insulation.   

Adding Textures - Try and involve a number of different materials such as silk, linen, leather etc. This brings diversity and volume to the room.

Mirrors - Add a mirror to brighten, reflect light and create a glowing scene, thus replicating the season.

Patterned cushions - Include a few geometric patterned cushions, this adds something out of the ordinary and gives dimension to the room.

Lose the curtains - Instead of relying on curtains, try involving the scenery from outside. This also provides natural light that will be amplified by the mirrors.

Contemporary modern rug for living roomglass transparent console table for hallway entry way bedroom