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Bespoke living room furniture, benefits?

Posted: 14/04/2015 in Blog

We make you the designer, giving you power to customise key elements

My Italian Living Ltd
Benefits of buying custom-made living room furniture

Buying living room storage units can be a very enticing activity, however choosing a sideboard or TV unit that doesn't suit you can be detrimental. Here at My Italian Living we make you the designer, and give you the power to customise key elements of pre-established designs in order to guarantee your satisfaction. Whether it be sideboards, TV stands or media units, we try to give you the choice of personlising the colours, size, finish and material to match your direct requests.

1) Tailored for you - Buying custom furniture allows you to communicate with the manufacturers through us, the retailer, to ensure you get what you desire or atleast the closest thing to it. This gives the designated room, the exact feeling and level of personalisation that you seek to achieve.

2) Extended product life - The manufacturers focus on producing high quality goods to last generations, also as it is one-of-a-kind, more time is spent to make sure it is exactly how you requested. This is also apparent in the strength of the product, as the thickness of the wood used starts from 2-2.6 inches. This guarantees that the shape of the item isn't easily manipulated under certain conditions, such as physical pressure, heat, moisture or insects.
Unique door surface wave sideboard in white matt lacquered
contemporary luxury high quality Italian tv unit

3) Focus on quality - Making a one-off item involves a level of care and focus incomparable to mass-produced goods. Each item is made to order which ensures quality and its own originality.

4) Bypassing global supply networks - Today's chain of supply is so complex that it's almost impossible to be certain of the product's origin, manufacturing process, and source of its materials.

5) Pre-assembled - Another benefit is that these custom-made pieces come pre-assembled, meaning all you need to do is put the shelves in place (if any) and allocate a position for them in your room of choice. This reduces the chance of the customer assembling the product incorrectly and potentially damaging it; also it makes it easier on the customer's part as not everyone may have the time, knowledge and tools relevant to setting it up.

Modern High gloss black sideboard made in ItalyGreen and white contemporary wall mounted Italian media tv unit