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Tips on choosing garden furniture

Posted: 23/03/2015 in Blog

Buying garden furniture can be such a simple yet critical activity

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10 Tips on how to choose outdoor garden patio furniture

Buying garden furniture can be such a simple activity, yet not analysing each factor may cost you dearly. Here's some key factors to bear in mind when selecting your outdoor garden and patio furniture:

1. Purpose - Before going to purchase new furniture, make a list and decide exactly what you're looking for. It is crucial for you to know how you plan on using your outdoor space and in what way you want the furniture to function. Bear in mind all the activities you may have done, wanted or plan to do and what furniture best suits those practices. Additionally, bear in mind who they will be for and what they may be used as.

2. Test - After making your list and you're in-store, don't be afraid to take a seat. Ensure that the furniture isn't just good looking, but also comfortable so that visitors feel invited as you'd expect it to be used regularly.

3. Material - Garden furniture is available in four (4) different materials, each one having their own positive and negative aspects:
  • Wooden garden furniture fits flawlessly into traditional gardens and is constructed for strength and durability. Wood doesn't retain heat, so it won't get hot on summer days. Additionally, it can be a bit heavier than other materials.
  • Rattan-effect furniture designs have always been in high demand. Nowadays it's made from woven strands of coated plastic which maintains the same traditional look, but eliminates the risk of damage,damp or snagging of clothes. It is also softer to touch than real wicker.
  • Metal garden furniture offers a more diverse selection of styles and designs, including both modern and traditional.
  • Plastic garden furniture is a much more cost-efficient choice.Plastic is a great choice for families as they usually stack for easy storage, are very lightweight and hard to damage

Garden patio plastic stacking sofa and chairs made in Italy
patio garden Rattan effect furniture designs

4. Quality - The saying "you get what you pay for" is as true as it gets, pertaining to patio furniture. Plastic chairs and side tables look appealing on the shelf and will maintain their good looks for 1-2yrs out in the sun, however, in time they will become brittle and lose their vivid colour. The same goes for some wooden and rattan-effect pieces. We advise that you shop with care by checking customer reports and reviews, before making a costly purchase. 

5. Care/Maintenance - Your time spent in your garden shouldn't involve you maintaining furniture, so opt for easy-care furniture. Majority metal, teak, cedar and rattan-effect pieces are unfazed by whatever nature may have in store for them.

6. Colour Scheme - When buying garden and patio furniture, you're not restricted to the natural tones of wood; the black, white and beige of wicker; or metal pieces. Colourful finishes thrive in the world of garden furniture. For stylish longevity, reserve bold splashes of colour for cushions and accent pieces.

7. Size & Shape - Scale and proportion are both crucial when designing the furniture layout for any room, garden or patio space is no different.

8. Storage - Ensure to secure your furniture in a protected location, away from the harsh sun, rain, wind or hail. If you opt to store it in a shed or garage, check to see if it can be stacked or folded. If your location is prone to tough weather conditions, make sure you choose furniture materials that can withstand it.

9. Dual Purpose/Multidimensional - Try and look for hard-working furniture as it will not only make things easier on you, but it will free up space for other items such as lighting or plants. Ottomans and fire pit tables are perfect examples of multifunctional garden furniture.

10. Style - Lastly, appearance may be one of if not the most influential factor in your shopping process. Outfitting a garden or patio with a day bed or wicker sofa, stocked with sufficient cushions combines an effective balance of comfort and style. This can even turn your patio into a second family room during the warmer seasons.

With all these tips you should be all set to go patio shopping, and since your already here.. why not start with us? Check out our garden and patio outdoor furniture range now!

Rattan effect furniture for garden in various colourscontemporary patio furniture design made in Italy
Contemporary unique plastic outdoor furnitureGreen red bordeaux white patio dining chairs in plastic stacking