5 Quick tips to improve the appearance of your living room

Posted: 11/03/2015 in Blog
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5 Quick tips to improve the appearance of your living room

As you know, a living room can never be too perfect and there are always measures that can be taken to improve it. Here are five (5) key factors and tips on how to improve the life of your household:

1. Lighting - The idea of layering light is especially critical in the living/family room, bouncing light off the ceiling creates a sense of brightness in the room, and avoids the shadows or downward direction of recessed lights.

2. Furniture - Living room furniture defines the living room itself. Visualize your living room. Play the role of the interior designer, look for sturdy, beautiful and reasonably priced furniture, but don't sacrifice comfort.

Sectional dark grey Italian designer sofaTransparent glass top hallway bedroom console table

3. Plants - Plants can balance out your design. By taking height, width and volume into consideration, select a plant that fills the space perfectly.

4. Arrangement - The right item in the wrong place will throw off the look and feel of an entire room. Try to ensure it's not too small for a large space, or has too much volume and overwhelms nearby design elements.

Knotted wood white Italian media tv unit

5. Flooring - It should invite people in, welcoming them into the space while still maintaining a sense of aesthetic appeal. When choosing living room flooring it is important to remember that the style of the material is going to influence the décor of the entire room.
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