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Interior inspiration: Spring 2015

Posted: 17/02/2015 in Blog

Evoke a different picture inside your house by making small changes

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The winter is almost gone and with spring approaching, it is time to lighten up your home so it can reflect the seasonal changes outside. As the daylight hours start to increase again, you can evoke a different picture inside your house, by making small changes in interior and complementing your outside surroundings instead of contradicting them.

To do so successfully, marry the dynamics, tones and textures of your home inside and out, to react to the seasonal changes. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the colder months and a brighter, more refreshing, in the warmer ones. For now, exchange your winter cushion and heavy throws on the sofa and in bedrooms, for ones with punches of colour and lighter fabric like linen.
As to reflect your interior choices in your garden, and to bring the inside out, let each season paint a new picture by choosing a combination of shrubs and perennials that burst into flower throughout the year.

2015 it's looking to be a warmer year for all of us, leaving the cooler greys behind in exchange for warmer shades of taupe, beige, almond and mahogany, with some of pantone colours being steel grey, desert taupe and frosted almond. Blend this muted pallet with splashes of colour including seaport, wood violet, radiant orchid, crushed grape or red dahlia, and your home will definitely make your guests feel uplifted as they enter. Associating these highlights of colour up with the spring and summer bloomers in your garden you grant a balanced finish to your newly energised home.

The development from house to garden and the landscape beyond should be smooth and consistent, taking you and your visitors through a fascinating journey from start to finish. For the sake of your interiors and exteriors, for them to cooperate and be compatible, the different styles and colour palettes must complement one another, as well as reflect your own personal style throughout.
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