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Nature elements in interior

Posted: 28/01/2015 in Blog

Nature elements in interior

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We all aware of the fact that the most part of residents of the metropolitan cities appreciate the idea of using nature elements in interior. It's quite easy to create interior with nature décor, perhaps, it will be about using driftwood, tree branches and bulks as interior decoration.

After the stuffy office, which is more likely furnished with man made material furniture, air conditioner and light from a bulb, we really need a connection with a nature. Even the most ordinary book shelf  made of a not polished, rough look wooden plank will look harmonious and lighter than metal or plastic furniture piece.

A subtle smell of wood will give peace, a sense of comfort and fill you with renewed vigour. Or you can just use a tree branch decorated with its artificial flowers to decorate the walls in the room. There are many ways of decorating the interior with nature elements and we will present here the most popular ideas.

1. Tree inside of the lounge room. Which interior can closer to the nature than this? It will take time and arrangements to get the tree into interior, but it definitely worth it.

2.  Tree branches in living room. It's perfect to decorate a room with tree branches which resemble trees elements, but it's for short term as you will use a vase with water to keep them fresh.

3. Nature inspired bed headboard. This example of nature element in interior is beautiful yet it will take a bit of effort to install it. It's ideal nature in interior inspiration. 

4. Isolated tree in interior. This is example is different from example #1, is that the tree is physically (not visually) isolated from the interior, retaining the warm temperature of the room. 
5. ''O2 wall'' is very popular nowadays, as it healthy, trendy and just beautiful to have it in interior. 

6. Bookcase made of tree parts always popular and fashionable, easy and trendy way of decorating a place.  More bookcases & shelves - press here.

7. Tree bulk low tables are the best cost effective ways of decorating interior ''closer to the nature way".  More bedside tables - press here.