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6 Great Tips for Decorating Long Narrow Living Rooms

Posted: 14/01/2015 in Blog

Inspiring ideas how to refurbish narrow living room

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For majority of people, the idea of decorating their own home sounds quite appealing, unless they are to take care of a long narrow living room. This is where most of the people start thinking otherwise. As a matter of fact, the idea of fitting so much stuff in a long narrow room with the intentions of bringing it somewhat close to what can be described as a "living room" appears quite like a herculean task apparently. But once you get into it, things seem to fall in place. However, if you have no idea of how to jump into this pond, here we are with our 6 great tips for decorating long narrow living rooms.

Long narrow living room decor idea

1. Get well acquainted with your place. This is the very first thing to do if you want to see your project of home decor going well. Unless you are well aware of the dimensions of the space you plan decorating, doing so would become quite difficult. You need to ask yourself questions like what's your style, how do you visualise your living room, do you want a minimalist design or looking for an eclectic touch? Also think about the furnishing accessories that you would like to see in there and observe whether they would fit in well or hinder passages. Make sure you have answers to questions like these if you want to be successful in your endeavour.

Knowing your place

2. Furniture arrangement. In this kind of situation, it is vital to begin with furniture arrangement, because this is the most difficult area to handle under such circumstances. Placing sofa against the wall would be a good idea here. For this layout, most experts recommend sectional sofas. You can go with back to back arrangement of the sofas as well as two distinct seating areas, thus accentuating the tunnel effect. Accent furniture also helps well.

Living room furniture arrangement

3. Appropriate colour scheme. Colours should not be confined to walls and ceilings only. In fact, it is something that can be seen in every element, from main furniture items to accents and accessories. Using warm colours will result in making your place smaller as well as cosier, while light colours exude a brighter and broader ambiance. Choosing from one colour palette is wiser option, splashing its colours throughout the room. Appropriate colour scheme

Artworks and mirrors

4. Artworks and mirrors. Using artworks and mirrors is highly recommended, not only for adding colour and light into the room décor, but also for overcoming the sense of scarcity of space.

Appropriate colour scheme

5. Open shelving. In a long and narrow space, occupying additional floor space to introduce storage using armoires or cabinets is not such a good idea. Instead, you need to work on vertical storage solutions like open shelves and cubbies. However, there is one good way of horizontal storage, i.e. resorting to sofa beds with storage. This will serve to cater your lounging as well as storage needs, offering multiple uses in a single furniture item.

Storage savvy living room

6. Rugs. Another great furnishing element in decorating your rooms is the area rugs. Area rugs not only help add to the decor of the place, but also help in defining and separating more than one seating areas. Rugs Conclusion Though tricky, but once you get hold of how to decorate your long narrow living room, the end results adds to the beauty of the home as well as establishes a sense of achievement into you. So, follow these simple but effective tips to make the best out of decorating your long narrow living room.