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What you need to know about Transformer furniture

Posted: 12/01/2015 in Blog

What you need to know about Transformer furniture

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Transformer Furniture is an excellent option for arranging small apartments. It is particularly convenient for studio-flats, where the same room serves as a living room, dining room and an office. What should you look for when buying such furniture?


Are you considering to purchase transformer-furniture? Then it is necessary to pay special attention to its design & quality. The design of a transformer must be strong and sustainable, that is none of its parts are loose or not properly fixed.

It is not necessary to choose the model of which the design has high complexity, this furniture will fail with constant use and also replace damaged items will be very difficult, it is better to give preference to models with a simple and reliable mechanism. It is better to pay attention to well-known furniture manufacturers who care about their reputation and produce truly reliable saving space furniture.


Choosing furniture systems such as transformer furniture, it is very important to pay attention to the materials from which they are made.

If you choose furniture for the children's system, it is better not to purchase models with glass inserts, in order not to endanger the health of your baby, as it is not necessary to give preference to materials that do not cause allergies. The ideal option may be of furniture made of natural wood. Another practical embodiment of the material - plastic.

However, buying furniture with plastic elements, pay attention to the product label. It is not necessary to purchase cheap plastic furniture, which can be hazardous to health. Savings on materials very often leads to a rather sad consequences, so it is best to stay on the furniture well-known and reputable manufacturers.

If you want to be completely confident in the safety and reliability of systems transformer-furniture, you can have a look at the products of the Italian factory Clever of which furniture is not only beautiful and durable, it is absolutely safe for health, which is confirmed by the according certificates. Products of this brand is made ​​only from environmentally friendly materials and completely reliable quality.

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