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6 Simple tricks to organise your home office

Posted: 03/01/2015 in Blog

6 Simple tricks to organise your home office

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Trick #1
If you have a lot of things to store, you can use floor-to-ceiling bookcase, where you can arrange your books, folders or baskets to keep all kind of trinkets. Floor-to-ceiling bookcase can be either fixed to the wall or to the ceiling, for creating double sided feature or room separation.

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Trick #2
Console table is perfect solution if you need extra working space, as it doesn't take up much space as a standard desk.
You can organise a desk with console in ''L'' shape arrangement.

Trick #3
Use fitted furniture which can contain desk, bookshelves, wardrobe or even a bed. Fitted furniture will you to save space and use it in full potential. 

Trick #4
Transparent furniture is latest trend and can be used in home office interior. Transparent chairs and desks visually do not occupy much space and look stylish.

Trick #5 
Use furniture for multi-purpose reasons. For example, if you don't have an extra room for home office, then you can use dining table as a desk. All you need is sideboard in the room to keep your office equipment hidden and voil, your office is ready for use.  

Trick #6
Unclutter your working space by organising it in suitable baskets of your choice. It will look stylish and tidy.