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Posted: 27/12/2014 in Blog

Guidelines To Designing Your Own Interior| Modern Furniture Blog

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Home is our world, a place where we can be ourselves, relax, do what we want and how we want, without other people judging us. And it's very important to create one, which can reflect our personality


 - If you are a person of public professions: actor/actress, entertainer, musician, you'd better choose for your home, private and comfortable environment, where you can relax. So the rooms can be rather isolated and in classic style.

  - If you live alone, then a good option would be a studio apartment.

  - If your work is not related to public, you can choose an intermediate version: some rooms are isolated, but some with same space. Recently it's very popular to use screens for separating the rooms.


  - For those who lead an active lifestyle, bright colours will be ideal in interior.

   - If you are an economist, financier, or a teacher, then calm
tones will be a good decision, as they contribute to the relaxation.

   - For those, whose work schedule is inconsistent, functionality is a key in interior.

  - If you are an artist or a journalist, then it's very important to create interior which will contribute to your imagination. It can be minimalism, avant-garde, bohemic, anything which is closest to your heart.

How to create my own interior?

There are plenty of interior design solutions and magazines each months which toss dozens of new ideas. And most of them come to our taste. It's not a surprise, that we get often confuse while choosing a new look for our home interior. How not to get confused and still choose a solution that fits to your personality?

Listen to yourself

Individual preferences in design can vary, from the texture of the wallpaper to the texture of furniture upholstery. It's important to bear in mind that each option might have up to thousands of versions, from deliberately frivolous to the emphasised austereness.

Think outside the box, do not automatically send floral patterned curtains to the bedroom and black and white striped pouf to the office. First, let's think  about what you want to express with one or another design, what kind of impression you want to give to your visitors.

After selecting process of style is completed, you can straight away revise what kind of furniture and accessories you want to have in your interior. Make a list of things which you need to buy and find the appropriate stores where you can get it: online and high street furniture stores, antique parlors, flea markets and so on.

Often, after completing a drawing of the interior of our dreams, we expect immediate realization of it. In this case, we need a maximum of patience, as sometimes it might take up to several months.

As a rule, people usually remember apartments of unusual (in good sense) personalities. Therefore, add something unique which relates only to you and your personality.