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Interior design trends 2015

Posted: 08/12/2014 in Blog

Interior design trends 2015

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In  this article, we would like to introduce you to the interior design trends of shortly coming  2015.

As we all know, trends are keep coming back, for example like Retro in 2014. So you don't need to worry, if you think that 2015 trend will be not popular in 2016, as they always tend coming back.

1. Asymmetric shapes

In 2015 we will see a lot of asymmetric tendencies in interior design world. It creates unique, reviving atmosphere which makes easier to express the individuality of the owner. In the picture, we show how can it be arrange in interior and with which colours it can be combined. You can use bright shabby chic colours, or even muted dark grey shades, it is really depends on your personal preferences. 

In the picture you can see chair Karina by Compar.

Asymmetric sofa armchairs for living room in grey blue and pinkContemporary grey square extending table with contemporary chairs in grey

2. Transparent furniture - expand your space

Transparent furniture is firmly coming with us into 2015, as we all know it's been hitting trend in 2014, as it visually expands a space and bring contemporary spirit to the interior. First transparent chair Ghost Louise, has been created by Philippe Starcks, 10 years ago. Today, the choice of products is vast, but predominantly - tables, chairs and armchairs.

Do not afraid to integrate transparent furniture into classic interior design. 

Transparent chair Queen by La Primavera.

Solid wood extending dining table with transparent dining chairs Italian modern interior designTransparent glass Italian low coffee table

3. Reviving Industrial Loft interior design

If you are lucky one which has a loft space, that you definitely should create Industrial interior design. The industrial interior design came from 90s America and since then its popularity is just keep increasing. The spirit of Industrial design is high ceilings, spacious rooms and large windows.

Your tools can be: decorative brick walls, roughly trimmed or aged wood, dull metal with a touch of rust. wallpapers or wall finishes mimic the concrete, pipes shouldn't be covered as they serve  decorative part. 
About decor - better less than more. It's very important not to overdo it, as industrial design should stay as minimalistic as possible, few monochrome pictures, old advertising posters. appropriate graffiti on the wall, couple of ''utilitarian'' metal pieces like half of bike or clock mechanisms on the wall, will do the job perfectly, as in pictures below. 

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