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GO FUNKY! 15 Pieces of Funkiest and Weird Chair Designs

Posted: 05/12/2014 in Blog

GO FUNKY! 15 Pieces of Funkiest and Weird Chair Designs

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Chairs have been in our lives since ancient times, they have used first as functional parts of interior, but throughout the time, they evolved to the not just comfortable pieces, where you can relax, but carry that unique look and personality of its owner.

In this article we will show the lounge chairs which can serve as focal points of the room and look at them from artistic point of view.

Here is 15 Pieces of Funkiest and Weird Chair Designs from the best Italian designers of Adrenalina brand.

Yellow metal feet funky roung huge armchair for lounge area
POLEPHEMUS funky party chair by Adrenalina

Sexy funky funny furniture made in Italy

Contemporary yellow sofa by Adrenalina design mobili
Chair SEXY by Adrenalina
Love sexy chair unique designer red leather armchair for lounge by Adrenalina mobili

Funky unique Italian armchair in green and red buttoned backrest
Green yellow blue armchair Italian funky unique lounge furniture
dark blue unique funky chair made in Italy

FLORAL 1 P by Adrenalina
Flowers print unique funky boho chair
Chair for kids CUTE by Adrenalina

Bright yellow red blue kids furniture chairs

SYMBOL by Adrenalina 

symbol adrenalina designer funky upholstered armchair

Swivel chair EASY by Adrenalina

Egg shape adrenalina chair made in Italy

HEART romantic chair by Adrenalina

Heard shape swivel chair for lounge or contemporary interior