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7 Most popular types of coffee tables

Posted: 19/11/2014 in Blog

7 Most popular types of coffee tables

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Tables are essential parts of any interior, whether there are dining tables or bedside and coffee tables. Let's look at what types of coffee tables are out there, on the market today. As the population grows, the more we need saving space furniture. As a result, Italian designers invent different designs and mechanisms to respond to the fast growing demand.

In here, we would like to show you the most popular coffee tables created by talented Italian designers.

1. One of the most popular types of coffee tables are the transformers. The unique point of this type is, by simple motion, such models are able to change their appearance, for example, to turn from dining table to a coffee table, changing the parameters such as height, width and length. 

Coffee table ''Mary'' by La Primavera is a good example of transforming modular design. This model includes storage space and used in different compositions limited only by your imagination. As it shows on the pictures below, it can be used as TV Unit as well, in case if you would like to ''free up'' the space. 

Contemporary transforming coffee table

Square glass coffee table ''Contempo'' by Stones with gas lifting mechanism shows, how with one mechanism life gets easier. As it transforms from coffee table to the dining table. Clear glass in combination with metal base, makes space visually larger. 

Italian adjustable hight cofee table in metal structure and glass top

2. Modular design is different from transformers. As one piece can be used individually or in composition with the others. Usually modular furniture comes with more than two pieces, so you can arrange it in your favourite way. For example, you can put it together or use in different places by separating them, as you see in the pictures below.

Modular coffee table ''Asia'' by La Primavera is a traditional example of modular design. It consists of four pieces which you can use in various ways, ideal for those who like to rearrange the furniture times to times. Saving space solution with storage space.

Square Italian modular coffee table with storage

Minimalist coffee table Rosella by La Primavera can be used as modular design, if you order more than 1 pieces. The hexagon shape of table top makes possible to use it in modular way.

Contemporary white side table made in Italy

3. Rotating storage design is becoming very popular in recent years, as it it looks and perform in unique way. They are many types of this kind of design, but we will show you one of our favorites. 
''Transform I'' by Stones is made in contemporary style by leading designers from Italy. 

Round tall coffee table with storage drawers grey and white

4. Swivel top coffee tables are very convenient, when you have guests or you just need an extra space.
 ''Emma'' by La Primavera is a truly beautiful example of swivel top furniture. Well balanced elegant design will complement any living room.

Transforming triangle shape coffee table made in Italy

5. Table top storage is very convenient type of coffee tables, as you can store such things as magazines, stationary, etc, without messy look.

Rectangular Italian classic modern coffee table with storage sliding top hidden drawer

6. Transparent design is latest trend in furniture world, as it helps for visually space saving solution. There many transparent designs of coffee tables, but the most popular are the ones which are made by moulding technique.

Transparent modern contemporary design glass coffee table made in Italy

7. Folding coffee table design is ideal for those, who prefer to use it temporarily or who have issues with a space. 
Table ''Twist'' by Stones has extra feature, which is the table top can be used as a tray. So it's perfect as a bedside table, as can use for laptops or for a breakfast.

Folding tray coffee table