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Decorating interior for Halloween

Posted: 21/10/2014 in Blog

Decorating interior for Halloween

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If you would like to enter into festive mood on Halloween night, then better and cheaper to get ready with DIY decorations. You want to make sure that the process of preparation will be fun and easy. Of course, you can hire professional decorators and spend of fortune, but the choice is yours. So in this article, we have gathered several ideas on how to decorate your home without spending much. 

We will start decorating a house from the main entrance. You can get a web from any corner shop and decorate your door or make plenty of bats from black coloured cardboard and hang them, how they supposed to be - upside down. 

Everyone knows that the main symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin. You can paint them with spider or web patterns and place them next to your door outside. Also, you can paint them with luminescent stick, so it will be shining with horror look at night.

There many ways to decorate indoors, and of course it depends on available tools and your preferences. 

You can decorate candle glasses with painted spiders, you can even use a nail polish for that. Place DIY wall stickers - flock of bats made of black cardboard and place them on wall with sticky tape, don't worry, marks on the wall (after removing) will be hardly seen. 

Also you can decorate a bunch of flowers with plastic spiders (cheaply available in any thematic store), like in the picture below. 

Carving pumpkin is traditional way of decorating a house for Halloween, But why not try something different to carve, for example pineapple will work just fine. It will look even scarier, thanks to its upstanding leaves. 
Less scarier yet Halloween thematic way, is to spray paint the used glass bottles, like in the picture below. Again, you can give freedom to your imagination and glue spiders onto bottles. 

If aforementioned ways of decorating is still too complicated for you, then you can use black lace tape and glue for candle glasses to create a Gothic atmosphere. Or even simpler, get a white, semitransparent milk bottles, draw scary faces, place lighted tea candles inside and voil!