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10 Most popular space saving furniture

Posted: 08/10/2014 in Blog

10 Most popular space saving furniture

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Necessity is a mother of invention. 

In the overcrowding metropolitan cities the space optimization is becoming a necessary solution for the interior. Furniture should perform several functions at once. The more the better. As a result we have got amazing transforming furniture that can help us a lot with space issue.  

Today, transforming furniture in demand all over the world. This is due to the fact that this kind of furniture can provide maximum comfort and convenience in small apartments.  The advantages of convertible furniture include: functionality and saving space optimization. 

There are many types of transforming furniture. Most popular furniture pieces are listed below:

1. Pull out sofa bed. It performs as a sofa in the daytime and as a bed in the night or whenever in need. 

sofa bed construction mechanism

2. Extendable table. We all know this type of saving space furniture. It can be set up for 2 people in daily routine, but when you have guests you can set it up to 8. See more extendible and fixed tables in here.

Contemporary extending Italian white gloss dining tableSolid wood legs white gloss top Italian dining room tableMinimalist design writing desk or dining table

3. Wardrobe with sliding doors. As you know when you use a standard wardrobe with hinged doors, it requires more space. Furthermore, sliding doors wardrobe efficiently optimise a space and convenient to use. You can order sliding door wardrobe with chest of drawers inside, which is actually very convenient too.

White matt 3 door sliding wardrobe Wardrobes accessories chest of drawers hangers and shelving  White gloss 3 sliding door wardrobe contemporary modern design custom made

4. Transforming baby cot into bed. it can ''grows'' with a baby. It definitely helps to save up some money, as you don't need to buy baby bed until the kid is 9-10 years old. Picture below is "Manhattan" baby crib by Hugs factory.

TRansforming cradle crib and kids bed in one

5. Kid's room furniture sets. It can be wall unit with study desk and a bed or bunk bed. Must have furniture set for small kid's room, as it has study and sleeping part and well-organised storage area. More kid's furniture sets you can get in here.

Compact kids room furntiure set contemporary designLight cream and blue contemporary compact kids room furniture setCream and lime green kids room furniture set contemporary modern design

6. The most popular option of saving space furniture is transforming wall unit into bed. This kind of furniture is appropriate if you want to use a room as a living room in daytime and transform into bedroom in the night. All you need to do is to pull out bed from the wall unit (vertical position). 

Bed in the wardrobe studio furniture Bed transforming in to the wardrobe studio flat furniture set single guest room furniture set made in Italy

7. Modular furniture. Sofas, bookcases, wall units can be modular. It means that you can arrange the compositions which you like the most or more appropriate for your room. You can use as in standard position as in corner position, Same works with other furniture pieces. More sofas and sofa beds you can get in here.

Modular Italian sofa square shape custom madeCustom made modular sofa design

8. Stackable chairs. Again, you can use a minimum amount of chairs in daily routine and keep the rest in stackable position until you will need more. 

Contemporary design stacking chairs

9. Staircase storage. Yes, you can use your staircase as a space of storage too. Brilliant idea for saving space. 

10. Storage beds. This type of bed is just a must have in small bedroom. It provides a spacious storage area in which you store bedding, cloth or stuff which you might not need in short time. There are various types, but the most popular with gas-lifting mechanism. 

White modern wooden bed with storage box White upholstered Italian bed with storage made in Italy  Brown leather upholstered bed with storage made in Italy