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How to choose furniture for a kid's room?

Posted: 30/09/2014 in Blog

How to Choose Furniture For A Kid's Room | Furniture Blog

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The most important room in any house is a kid's room, as for most of us, kids are the most important part of our lives. Furnishing the kid's room can be a quite complicated task which requires careful consideration. The room should have a high quality finishing as well as functional and safe furniture. 

For most of the parents, it's not the easiest task of choosing the right furniture for their kids, as they want it to be comfortable, functional and not occupying much space. But creating the interior for kid's room is the most exciting part of interior design. Just imagine, how kids will react on final result of arrangement of their new room. However, choosing furniture itself it's not the hardest part, it becomes more complicated if you have limited space and you need to use its potential fully. 

So designers all over the world are working hard on this matter and the most successful projects come from Italian designers. They offer furniture sets which include all furniture pieces which your kids will  need in their room, such as beds manufactured together with wardrobes, bookshelves and desks, or bunk and truckle beds if you have two or more kids or for their friends if they are staying over. Furthermore, Italian designers came up with idea of transforming kids furniture. For example, you can get a bed for your newborn baby and the bed transforms as the baby grows (usually up to 8 or 9 years old), this transforming furniture will definitely help you to save money. Or transforming bed into desk, if your prime issue is a space.

Furniture sets require minimum space, providing maximum functionality

Before choosing furniture for kid's room, you need to think through the certain questions (below), which will help you to choose the right direction:

Up to what age do you expect your child to use purchased furniture?

If you would like to get the same furniture for your baby from newborn times until 7-9 years old, then you should get transformer furniture, e.g. transforming from baby cot to the toddler, kid bed.  Check this bed here

Which furniture items do you want to have in kid's room? 

Today manufacturers offer a huge selection of different design solutions for kid's room, so you can pick an option which exactly will meet your requirements. For example, if you have only one child, then you can purchase a bedroom/study set that includes a desk, bookshelves, bedside table and (bridge) wardrobe. If you have two kids or three, then you can get bunk bed or trundle bed. 

Bunk beds come in different compositions, sometimes lower bed can be mobile (on wheels), that it will be easier to clean underneath or just to change times to times the look of interior. 

Trundle/truckle bed is a bed which contain other bed/beds underneath, so you can pull it out whenever you need. It's perfect for family which has two or more kids, or for kid's friends which are staying over night. 

Don't save money on kid's furniture!

All materials which are used in production must be hypo-allergic, eco friendly, non toxic and actually completely safe for children. Make sure that you get assured that furniture you buy used only health friendly materials, as kids more susceptible to all kind of allergies than adults.