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Frameless furniture - poufs and floor cushions

Posted: 13/09/2014 in Blog

Frameless furniture - poufs and floor cushions

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We are all dream to have a house which not just comfortable and cosy, but also look stylish and beautiful. The interior of the house can be easily changed in unique and fresh way, if you use contemporary poufs instead of conventional armchairs. This unique piece of furniture can be used as valuable alternative for bed or sofa, and we will never look dull. In addition, resting in this wonderful piece is ineffable pleasure. 


For a first time, such an unusual furniture piece appeared in its modern appearance, forty five years ago. The creators of this piece were talented Italian designers. They came up with this interesting idea, when they decided to fill up a big sack with balloons, in order to form a kind of chair. The invention was called ''Sacco'', which means the sack. 

And very first pouf was made in pink colour. The product quickly became popular throughout the world. It's hard to imagine, but the creators of the pouf became the founders of a completely new direction in design - anti design. If you look at the pictures of modern bean bags, you will easily understand the main idea - rationalism often looks absurd, people require completely new forms and solutions. 

Structure and composition 

The structure of bean bags consist of outer cover and the inner cover with a filler which is absolutely harmless to human body. In manufacturing of the external cover used a variety of materials - leather (natural and artificial), fur, velvet, denim, and many others with sufficient density.  

For internal cover used denser material, sometimes water-proof. Poufs are filled with polystyrene foam, which is hypo-allergenic, water proof, durable and absolutely harmless to health. It can perfectly adjust to the human body's sitting position. 

The advantages for flameless furniture

Frameless furniture provides maximum comfort due to the absence of wooden and metal materials. Outdoor bean bags covers can be easily removed and cleaned, and even machine washable.

If you are still not sure whether to buy bean bags or armchairs, compare the cost of these two pieces, and you will  personally see another important advantage of frameless furniture - value, which allows you to enjoy maximum comfort, even if you don't have sufficient funds available for purchasing the expensive, luxurious armchair or chair.

With the help of the pouf, you will attach a memorable, bright image to the room and create a cosy, cheerful atmosphere. 

Poufs by Italian manufacturer Sedit

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