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Tips on choosing carpets

Posted: 03/09/2014 in Blog

Tips on choosing carpets

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Why rugs? Rugs are the most popular way to cover floors, as they come in various designs, colours, shapes and sizes. They warm us in cold times, serve us as part of décor and as a piece for soft landing, in case of falling down. But there more benefits of having carpets, for example, they reduce echoes, prevent noise (especially for downstairs neighbours), cover defects of flooring and of course, create inviting and cosy atmosphere! So the question is how to choose a perfect rug or by which criteria?

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1. Quality

Not many people know what kind of impact have adhesives and padding on health and air? If you ever came across with distinctive smell of a new carpet, it means that carpet's odour is caused by formaldehyde, which is toxic. Take care of your health and the health of your family by choosing rugs which are made of natural materials: wool, jute, vegetable fibre, hemp fibre and more others. Don't forget about dyes which are quite important too, they have to be chemical free, organic and without any harmful compounds.

Furthermore, your choice affects environment, always check or require about recyclable label on the product or in description.

cloud carpet by sitap contemporary design rugsitap contemporary design outdoor rugdaisy flower shaped contemporary design rug by Sitap

2. Texture and pile density

The texture of an area rug or carpet is very important part of durability and warmth. Wool's texture adds warmth to the smooth and shiny floor. Pile density refers how closely yarns tufted in making a rug and how close the knots are to each other. And also determines the overall performance and serving life. 

3. Materials 

They can be split into two parts - synthetic and natural.  So far, the most popular material remains wool. Wool rugs are warm, classic, easy to maintain and extremely durable. Silk is pricey, but valued for its sheen. It's been highly appreciated since ancient times. Cotton is used a lot in manufacturing rugs, but viscose is a good substitute for a silk. Jute can be easily stained.

Synthetic fibre such as nylon have a negative impact on environment. 

4. Colours 

Colour plays a leading role in interior. It has to be in harmony with surrounding colours of interior too. Try to choose blue, green colours to create peaceful atmosphere. Note, that light colours enlarge space visually. But before choosing a neutral shade, determine if you want your rug to be a counterpoint of a room.

In order to avoid monotonous atmosphere, always choose a colour of the carpet different from the walls. Dark shades obviously the most practical, but if you don't have kids around, then you can get light-shaded carpet, preferably woollen, as it will be easy to clean, but remember that it has to be finished with a solution against moth.   

white and grey madrid contemporary design rug by sitapsand design madrid contemporary rug by sitapmulticolour mehari aztec contemporary design rug by sitap
5. Design and styles

When you are at the most interesting part of choosing carpet, you should think, which type of design would you like - patterned or plain. Whether it's or not, you still can make it as focal point of the room with a bright colour.
Classic furniture match with classic patterned carpet and modern furniture with abstract and monotonous. Fluffy carpets fit to any interior. 

  • Eastern classics - small sized ornamented and floral pattern richly spread all over the design
  • European classics - contains scarcely spread, large monogram or floral pattern 
  • Chinese classics - contains scarcely spread chrysanthemum or plum tree floral pattern, or Chinese characters
  • geometric
  • abstract
  • floral 
  • ethnic 
  • nouveau
  • imitation of animal fur 
6. Place

A choice of carpet depends on the type of room where it will placed (living room, bedroom, kids room, hallway)
  1. For living room, the most preferable carpet is with thick density of wool or polypropylene. Oval or round shape of carpet will look unusual and unique. 
  2. For bedroom would be good to have a small rug with a soft and deep pile. You can also pick up a few small bedside rugs. 
  3. For kids room and hallway is recommended  to have rugs made of polypropylene or acrylic, as they are hypo-allergenic, resistant to dirt and easy to clean.