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7 Top interior design trends for Autumn and Winter

Posted: 20/08/2014 in Blog

Top Interior Design Trends for Autumn & Winter | Modern Furniture Blog

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If you do not miss opportunity to be fashionable all over - from the colour of your nail polish and the colour of your nail polish and the shape of the tips of your hair to the literary novels and holiday destinations, you can not pass the trends of home decorations.
Unexpected and traditional, funny and serious, long-forgotten old or something new and fresh, that's what we get out of fashion tendencies

1. Trendy accessories's material - laser cut metal

Lase-cut metal home accessories are the latest trends of home decoration. In recent years, laser cut technology been popular for birthday cards, wedding accessories, etc. But today it reached interior design. There are many home items in which this latest technology can be used, such as mirror frames, lamps, clothes hangers, umbrella stands and so on. 

2. Trendy colour - yellow

Interior designers often use yellow colours to highlight the interior. They believe that even a little bouquet of yellow flowers is enough to refresh the atmosphere. But especially in autumn and winter of 2014/15, interior designers recommend to use yellow colour schemes more intensively and will often find it used in the most unexpected items, such as refrigerators, coffee makers, linens, home decorations and so on. 

3. Combining animal scheme with flamboyant colours in kids room

Animal schemes are becoming more popular this year. Whether you like animal print or animal shaped furniture, they will anyway look fashionable and trendy. For using animal scheme are ideal poufs, as you might get tired of them, you can deflate and hide in storage place. 
There are baby furniture items with various animal prints - flamboyant or subtle coloured. 

4. Everything new is well - forgotten old.

Retro interior design swept us again in 2014 and everyday is becoming more and more popular. Fashion designers still add fresh notes to the retro design. Now we can find various items with unique, interesting twists. Especially sofas and lounge chair with retro legs and buttoned upholstery. Again you can play with colours and bright up your room with the most favourite ones. 

5. Rugs

Yes, carpets are coming back to our interiors in 2014/15 fashion trends. Designers recommend carpets with bold patterns as well as in classic muted hues. The size  doesn't need to be wide, just probably between 150-200 cm
One of the well-known Italian carpet manufacturer is Sitap. It offers best high-quality solutions for contemporary interior. 

6. Hairpin legs

Minimalist furniture with metal hairpin legs is a fashion peak of autumn and winter of 2014/15. It's perfectly match with geometrically shaped home accessories. You can freely choose a colour range, but not for the top of the coffee table, as it matches only with PC material or glass. 

7. Transparent furniture

As the population grow, space issue grows too. In metropolitan cities, where this problem is popular, the interior designers came up with various solutions which do not compromise the appearance. One of those solutions is transparent furniture, especially chairs. They don't attract much attention, but provide functionality.