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Designing your living room in a minimalist way

Posted: 11/08/2014 in Blog

Achieving A Minimalist Living Room Design | Living Room Furniture Blog

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A minimalist interior primarily aims to liberate a space from excessive details and to create a sense of freedom. Despite the apparent simplicity, to create living room interior in minimalist style is not that simple. 

Main features of minimalist interior:
  • The emphasis is on smooth lines and clear, geometrical shapes
  • Only necessary pieces of furniture
  • Minimum accessories
  • The most common are the monochromatic colour schemes. Bright colours are acceptable too, for creating a contrast.
The walls, ceiling and floor

Let's start with the walls and ceiling. The main colour, which is suitable for those surfaces in minimalist style, is white. However, if you would like something more expressive, then you can go for cream or beige shades, pale green, khaki or lilac. The most important is to get your main colour not too bright. 

There are several materials for design of a ceiling. One of them is plasterboard, which allows you to create multiple levels and apply the elements of decorative lighting. But you should always keep in mind of not overdoing it, otherwise a ceiling will take all attention on itself. 
The other option is a suspended ceiling, plain or with unique print.

As for the walls, they should be self-coloured, but absolute smooth surface is not required. In minimalist interior design, you are welcome to experiment with the texture of the surface. Suitable materials for this - Venetian plaster, liquid wallpaper. they look sophisticated and simple.

Floor can be covered with wood-look vinyl floor or with a wooden parquet. If you would like to use carpets, then better to get monochromatic carpets or deep pile rugs, which will give a warm atmosphere and modern twist.

How to furnish a living room in minimalist style?

The basic rule is to place only necessary furniture pieces, such as sofa, coffee table, TV unit and probably some poufs for the extra seating place. But always remember, never clutter your room. 

Coffee table can be made of wood or glass, but more importantly it has to fit into the rest of interior.

Black - and - white minimalism has loyal supporters who continue to create monochromatic interiors with pastel colour highlights. Today, in fashion Italian minimalism. It's main trend - the creation of one or two bright accents of muted tones of the space. 

For example, if you have white walls and grey sofa, then you can put rich coloured, red coffee table. Another option, bright coloured sofa (green, orange), complemented by smaller objects of the same colour (a picture, a vase), located in different parts of the room. 

How to decorate windows?

In this case, interior designers often offer to leave windows without curtains.  If such a radical solution does not suit you, then design of the windows should be as simple as possible. Possible solutions - window shades or plain blinds. If however, you really desire to hang curtains, then you need to choose the plain ones, as you want to maintain the minimalist interior. 

Keep it clean

In order to keep a minimalist style to the smallest details, you need to remove all unnecessary details. The abundance of different vases and figurines are just prohibited. You can leave one or two paintings on the wall, a modern sculpture, books on the shelves and nothing more.

There are some ways in minimalist interior design to decorate a room, but they are quite special.

Relief surfaces are quite popular nowadays.


In eco-minimalism interior design dominate - natural wood and stone, ideally in soft, warm colours. A distinctive feature of this design is an imitation of natural objects. For example, a very unique look table, made in shape of a single piece of stone, or a bed with legs, which look like branches. With skilful work of the interior designer, these elements combine perfectly with modern furniture and technology products. This style is suitable for those who would like to have a natural elements in the interior, yet keeping up with contemporary trends.