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Tips on choosing wardrobe for your bedroom

Posted: 31/07/2014 in Blog

Tips on choosing wardrobe for your bedroom

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The first thing we need to remember while choosing a wardrobe for your bedroom, that it has to be functional. Of course, we want our bedroom to be not just functional, but attractive. Ideally, a spacious room, a bed with magical canopy, elegant bedside tables with unique designer lamps, sophisticated dressing table, probably curtains, marvellous rug and so on.

Well, for some of us, who live in cosmopolitan cities, where the space is an issue, furnishing can become a very complicated task. And the bulkiest part of it is a wardrobe (well, apart from a bed of course). So, how we want our wardrobe to be? Big, spacious, occupying a little space and hardly noticeable.

1. Placing a wardrobe

If you have chosen a big wardrobe, then it's better to place it next to the short in length wall, it will work for good proportions. Tall, but short at the corners. If you decide to place your wardrobe next to your bed, then leave at least 1 metre between them. The most popular are hinged door or siding door wardrobes.

2. All you need to know about dimensions

Correctly to measure a height of the wardrobe from the inside.
The perfect height of department for blouses, shirts, suits should be 120-150 cm.
Department for long dresses - 150-180 cm.

3. Shelving

Shelving usually for towels, sheet, underwear, woollen sweaters, or for other things.
Optimal distance between shelves 30 cm. 

4. Closet options

Built-in wardrobes are good for small rooms. They don't take much space, and can be quite unnoticeable. It's saving space option as it has sliding doors. 

5. Folding doors

Looks modern and unique.
At the same time, it's very convenient. It's do not take up some space. And it's right type wardrobe according Feng-shui
 Contemporary blue grey ivory and white bedroom interior design