How to choose a baby cot?

Posted: 26/07/2014 in Blog
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Shortly before the birth of the baby, the parents share a common question: how to choose a perfect baby cot? Does it worth to invest money into solid one? Or shall we buy just a cheap one and throw it away after baby grown up? To find baby cots press here.

Often, young parents pay attention to the appearance of the baby cot and how it would fit into interior. And, more often deceived by beautiful look, the parents pay a lot of money, without even asking what is made of.

When you are choosing a baby cot, better no to be in hurry and not be guided by only its appearance, but quality and functionality. First and foremost, it's necessary that it satisfies all requirements of the baby, and then the fitting into interior of the room. 

Today, there is a wide selection of different cots, baby cribs and cradles with fashionable accessories, classical versions of various functionalities and so on. And how not to get lost in such abundance of offered products? To begin with, we divided  baby cots into four main types: classic cots, cradles, crib transformers and playpen beds. 

Classical cots

These is the most popular type of cots. They are designed for children up to three years. These cots have different varieties of design, e.g. on wheels or runners, just simply on wooden legs. Most models have built-in shelves or drawers, you can put there baby bedding or toys. They can slightly add a cost for a cot, but it increases the comfort and convenience of caring after baby. And this actually justifies the coast, as you don't need to buy an extra closet or dresser.

Most cots have several provisions of height, i.e. you can manually adjust the height of the bottom of the crib. Some cots have removable sides. It's very convenient as the babies had grown, as they can easily climb into the crib on their own.

Cot with a pendulum: longitudinal or transverse. Thus, the classic wooden cot gains a cradle function through arch runners or pendulum swing mechanism. Pendulum in the crib can be longitudinal or transverse. And it provide smooth sliding function. The rocking can be both - transverse (cot moves from side to side) and longitudinal (cot moves back and forth). There is no fundamental difference in which direction to swing a baby, but the pendulum mechanism need to work soft and smoothly, which largely depends on how the mechanism is set. Sometimes assembling causes difficulties, because of its many constitute parts. 

When a cot is not used in cradle mode, its clips easily make it stationary. 

Italian antique ceram magnolia colour cute luxury baby cot Baby cot in magnolia colour classic modern nursery furniture

Cot - the cradle

In early days after a birth, babies are scared of the large open space which classic cots have. In this case it's better to use a cradle cot. However, it has a drawback, that a baby can sleep there until 1 year old age, then you will need to buy a new bed.

But this drawback can't compare with the advantage which most of the cradles have - attached handles for carrying. So you can always take a baby next to you so a newborn will be always supervised. Cradles have removable covers, which are machine washable. This will help to easily maintain the cleanliness of the crib and will save your time. 

Magnolia baby cradle wirth teddy bears and mosquito net luxury nursery furniture from Italy Whiet baby cradle with cute teddy bear and mosquito net

Transformable cots

Transformable cot is functional piece of furniture. Actually, this is a bed combined with shelving system, drawers or changing table. By purchasing this option you provide a comfortable option for your baby from the birth up to 6,7 years old. As the baby grows, you can take of the side and convert into bed or sofa, as well detached drawers, shelves, table, depending on chosen design. It should also be noted, that some cots can be extendable, so that option can be very useful. 

Multicolour orange transforming baby kid cradle bed Transforming multifunctional baby kids room furniture bed

Playpen crib

It's essential purchase for those who often travels with a baby. Most models are folding and unfolding within the seconds. When it's folded, the cot is a compact and convenient travel bag, when unfolded, it's a playground and comfortable bed that provides a carefree sleep to a baby. Typically, these cots are made of materials which are easily cleaned. There are many different models - some are equipped with wheels, some have rocking function. When you are choosing, you need to consider which functions you need, as each additional feature increases the cost of a crib. 

The bottom of the crib where mattress fits, should be made of wide, wooden cross rails. They enhance the cushioning effect of the mattress. Then the weight will be distributed evenly, the distance between the rails will allow the mattress to ventilate properly.

Wall in the cot can be pulled down, if necessary. It creates convenience of taking care after baby, as it facilitates access to the baby with a lower back. 

White classic design Italian baby cot with drawer underneath Magnolai colour baby room furniture with wardrobe and baby cot

Cots have to be very reliable, as it's need to be steady not to loose a stability and accidentally fall over. 

Cots and cradles look beautiful with canopy, which also protects a child from a dust. Canopy is usually a part of the baby bedding. Only fasteners are often sold separately. When choosing fasteners pay attention that there is a softening pad, in order not to scratch a cot.

Good quality cribs at least have two levels of height: first level is not too deep, so parents will be able to put gently a newborn into a cot. The second will be lower than a first one. It's necessary to lower a bed when a baby will try to sit by itself. The lowest level ensures that growing baby will not fall out of the crib. 

It's also important to pay attention to the material of the cot. It needs to have a smooth, sanded surface. Furthermore, it needs to be finished with non toxic polyurethane paint and non allergic varnish, which ensures durability and more importantly not harming the health of the baby.

About the mattress, it's better to choose orthopaedic multi-layer mattress or double sided - winter/summer mattress, even better the natural latex mattress. 

Pillows - plump and high are not recommended for newborns, but sleeping on the flat surface is not comfortable for a baby, so the ideal sleeping position is the angle of 170 .